Spanish Illuminated Manuscripts and Graphic Design

Yovanca Cervantes, Amanda Horton, College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 North University Drive, Edmond OK, 73034

Spanish illuminated manuscripts show the use of graphic design elements and principles in history, and by studying illuminated manuscripts like the Geneva Beatus, we can be informed about the different techniques used in these pieces and their impact on the viewers. Techniques: like the use of color, grids, illustrations, frames, lettering, layout, and composition, can help graphic designers improve their skills by learning what works and what doesn’t work. Even though there are numerous illuminated manuscripts from Spain, this paper will focus on The Book of Hours of Isabella the Catholic, Queen of Spain and discuss the techniques used on a few pages and compare them to our use of those techniques today. This paper aims to explain the importance of designers to study the history of graphic design and how Spanish illuminated manuscripts are a great source to learn from. 

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Presenter: Yovanca Cervantes

Institution: University of Central Oklahoma

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Subject: Art History & Visual Arts

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Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
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