The Effect of Cadence on Total Push-up Repetitions in College Students

Aireal Keefer, Kworweinski Lafontant, Leah Newof, Olivia Stephan, Emily Tyner, and Dr. Olufemi Oluyedun, Department of Kinesiology, Hope College, 141 E. 12th Street, Holland, Michigan, 49423

Purpose: The FitnessGram Push-up Test is one of the most popular tests used around the world to assess muscular endurance. The FitnessGram Push-up Test uses a 1.5s up/1.5s down cadence; however, it is unknown if this is the optimal pace for achieving maximal repetitions. Therefore, this study investigated the effects of a variety of cadences on total push-up repetitions completed in college students. We hypothesized that the self-paced push-up cadence would show the highest number of repetitions followed by the 1s down/1s up, 1.5s down/1.5s up, and 2s down/2s up cadences, respectively. Methods: 20 participants (12 women, 8 men) were counterbalanced across 4 total trials (1 cadence per trial) with a 72-hour rest period between each session. The cadence order was randomized, and repetitions were counted during each trial. Results: The self-paced cadence produced a significantly greater (p < .01) amount of repetitions (M = 27; SD = 11) than the 1.5s up/1.5s down (M = 18.9; SD = 8.80) and 2s up/2s down (M = 17.2; SD = 6.82) cadences on average. The 1s up/1s down cadence produced an average of 22.75 (SD = 8.58) repetitions, which was not significantly different (p > .05) compared to the other cadences. Conclusion: Findings show self-paced cadence is the most optimal for completing a maximum number of push-up repetitions in a single bout. Our work is informative for practitioners in the health and fitness industry and future research should continue to explore the mechanisms that can help explain why a self-paced cadence is optimal for max push-up performance.

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Presenter: Kworweinski Lafontant

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