Effectiveness of Technology Tools in the Classroom

Brittany Foster, Dr. Len Annetta, Department of Education, East Carolina University, 1000 East 5th Street, Greenville NC 27858

As technology becomes more advanced and less expensive, the rate at which it is being introduced to K-12 education is increasing with each passing year. Older materials, such as chalkboards, projectors, VCRs, and slide projectors are quickly being replaced by newer technology, including computers, software applications, the Internet, audio and visual conferencing, and even virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Technology is becoming a big business, with public schools in the U.S. spending over $3 billion on digital content alone. With more and more new technology being piled on year after year, questions are being raised about how much this technology is helping both students and teachers. Instructors and pupils alike must be taught how to properly use each new tool that is presented to them, and teachers must find ways each year to alter their lessons and fit the technology in. Studies have shown that teachers are slow to adopt new technology due to barriers such as lack of curriculum to support the technology and the worn-down infrastructure of K-12 schools. When considering all of these challenges, one must wonder how much technology is actually making it easier for educators to teach and students to master the material. It is an indisputable fact that technology enhances student engagement, but does it actually help students learn? The purpose of this study is to first conduct a literature review to gather information about the effectiveness of technology in classrooms. Next, this study will analyze the opinions of both middle school teachers and students on the effectiveness of technology in their personal experiences. At the end of the study, the teacher and student opinions will be compared to the literature, and conclusions will be drawn about the effectiveness of different types of technology in education. 

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