Equitable Obstacle Race

Rebecca Hennings, Farli Boden, Atticus Cummings, Henry Weaver, Eleanor Bernard, Madelyn Townsend, and Brian Brush, Department of Architecture, Montana State University, 160 Cheever Hall, 59717

The Blueprint Obstacle Adventure Race (BOAR) will be an obstacle course race run as a fundraiser for Montana Human Resources Development Council (HRDC). The vision is for a broad community adventure race designed to reduce stigma around youth experiencing homelessness. The race will be an inclusive event that allows people with many levels of physical ability to compete together. We plan to create obstacles that reflect the struggles faced by many homeless youths. Given the nature of the proposed race and the variation of physical abilities among potential participants, each obstacle will prove easier for some participants than others. The key issue we hope to address in our research is whether it is possible for people with a wide array of athletic ability to compete together on a single racecourse in a manner that respects each individual's physical ability and creates a thought-provoking experience around homelessness. The research will occur over the spring 2020 semester as a design-build project. Collaborating with our mentor Brian Brush and local HRDC leadership, we plan to explore potential forms for original and safe obstacles. The research will be directed toward designs that achieve an equitable spectrum of challenge levels while maintaining a safe environment. Our goal is to design three to ten obstacles that will be placed along a 5k racecourse for the HRDC fundraising race in late summer 2020. If our research proves successful it could launch a new kind of race with the potential to grow in popularity similar to Spartan Races. This proposed race will democratize the age-old concept of the obstacle course, while engaging participants to understand issues that homeless youth encounter today. Our hope is that our designs will provide a template for other similar projects that could be used as fundraisers by HRDC and other nonprofits nationwide.

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Presenters: Rebecca Hennings, Farli Boden, Atticus Cummings, Henry Weaver, Eleanor Bernard, Madelyn Townsend

Institution: Montana State University Bozeman

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Subject: Architecture & Interior Design

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Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
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