The Relationship Between Racial and Sexual Identity and Suicidal Ideation Among College Students Who Binge Drink

Morgann Hendrixson and Dr. Rose Marie Ward, Department of Kinesiology and Health, Miami University, 501 E High St, Oxford OH 45056

Suicidal ideation is a public health issue. In fact, 33% of college students have at least one suicidal thought annually. In combination, binge drinking has gained popularity among college students. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to examine the impact of college student binge drinking on suicidal ideation with the added variables, racial and sexual identities. Currently, there is a gap in the literature surrounding this topic. Prior research confirms the presence of suicidal ideation in college students and differences among racial and sexual groups. However, there is a lack of research examining minoritized groups, the binge drink experience, and suicidal ideation. The Student Health Survey, sent to all students at Miami University, was used for this research. The survey requested information about student alcohol use, specifying specific NIH binge drinking standards. Only students who had participated in binge drinking within the past month were analyzed for this study, specifically in terms of their racial and sexual identities and suicidal ideation. As predicted, there was a difference in suicidal ideation based on students’ racial and sexual identities and binge drinking. In particular, minoritized racial and sexual identities independently have higher rates of suicidal ideation in the presence of binge drinking. In the case that an individual identifies as both a racial and sexual minority, the presence of suicidal ideation is illustrated to a greater extent. These findings can help support suicide prevention and intervention measures, specifically focusing on those who are most at risk for suicidal thoughts. 

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