Eyes burn bright

Daniel Lurie, Professor Tami Haaland, Department of English, Montana State University Billings, 1500 University Dr, Billings MT 59101

“Eyes Burn Bright” is a segmented short story written from the second person perspective. It focuses on two unnamed characters, one male, one female, and outlines their thoughts and actions through real world struggles like isolation and a search for companionship. Each chapter alternates between their sub-stories, except for when both characters cross paths in one segment. The male character tries to distinguish what is real, whereas the female character tries to address isolation. Each segment is titled with an object, which is then personified and blended into the point-of-view. While the characters go about their actions, the world around them is plunged into chaos, but the catastrophe is never truly defined. The purpose of “Eyes Burn Bright” is to explain the internal struggles that individuals can face, even as major events are happening in the world around them, leaving the characters feeling alone in their conflict.

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Presenter: Daniel Lurie

Institution: Montana State University Billings

Type: Oral

Subject: Creative Writing

Status: Approved

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Session: Oral 2
Date/Time: Mon 3:00pm-4:00pm
Session Number: 212
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