Applications of LIDAR in Site Identification in the Mississippi River of Southern Wisconsin

Cody Dobson, Dr. Connie Arzigian, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse 435A Wimberly Hall, 1701 Farwell St, La Crosse, WI 54601

Dr. Constance Arzigian's previous research on the Mississippi River border of Wisconsin and Minnesota has featured survey of archaeological remains exposed from the erosion carried out by the Mississippi.  Reviewing this research and examining the erosional damage done to the site locations in the years prior to and after research was carried out is possible through the manipulation of remotely sensed data, also known as aerial imagery, publically available from the United States Geological Survey.  This research will create a confidence interval for shore mass reduction that occurred at Dr. Arzigian's research sites through the use of digitized maps. With these confidence intervals established, the manipulation of publicly available Lidar data (imagery created through the use of lasers) will be carried out to create a probability map of shorelines most likely to contain archaeological material.  Work must be carried out to rectify the Lidar with the light-refracting waters of the Mississippi as well as creating a correspondance between the two-dimensional remotely sensed images and three-dimensional Lidar scans.  To ensure accessibility to both the academic and public realm, a python code to retrieve publicly available data and run the analysis will be written and tested so both groups of individuals have access to this resource.  The resulting probablity maps will allow for more efficient archaeological survey more likely to identify sites along the constantly-eroding shoreline.  The worthwhile identification and preservation of archaeological material is greatly asissted through a methodology able to be manipulated to the end user's needs.  Professional and undergraduate research are thus made more cost efficient, plausable, and temporally efficient through a resource freely available to them.

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Presenter: Cody Dobson

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