The Relationship Between Feelings of Discrimination, Binge Drinking, and Suicidal Ideation in Minority College Students

Morgann Hendrixson and Dr. Rose Marie Ward, Department of Kinesiology and Health, Miami University, 501 E High St, Oxford OH 45056

Previous research has found a relationship between discrimination and negative health outcomes, particularly pertaining to mental health, among racial and sexual minorities. Racial and sexual minorities have higher rates of suicidal ideation than non-minority college students. Suicidal ideation refers to an individual’s thoughts, plans, or considerations of taking one’s life. Binge drinking continues to be problematic on college campuses. Therefore, this research examines the impact of feelings of discrimination among racial and sexual minority college students and its relationship with suicidal ideation and drinking behaviors. We hypothesize that there will be higher levels of perceived discrimination among racial and sexual minorities in comparison to non-minorities, and higher rates of binge drinking and suicidal ideation among racial and sexual minorities as well. Some studies examine the presence of suicidal ideation in college students. However, there is a lack of research examining how feelings of discrimination in minoritized groups impact drinking behaviors and suicidal ideation. The data was collected from a mid-size, midwestern university through an online survey. Data analysis is in progress. This research is important for suicide prevention and intervention, as well as future research looking at the intersectionality of race and sexual orientation in mental health outcomes and drinking behaviors.

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Presenter: Morgann Hendrixson

Institution: Miami University

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