Development of PARROT, a Wireless Orofacial Myofunctional Imaging and Pressure Mapping Device

Hanna Chastain, Dr. Heidi VanRavenhorst-Bell, and Dr. Jeremy Patterson, Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Human Performance Studies, College of Innovation and Design Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount St. Wichita, Kansas 67260.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) are characterized by abnormal movement patterns of the mouth. Complications from OMDs include problems with talking, swallowing, and breathing. Devices used in the diagnostic process of OMDs, however, are largely restricted to a clinical setting or often viewed as invasive and disruptive to natural lingual movement. The tongue is an orofacial structure commonly evaluated in the diagnosis and treatment of OMDs due to its extensive involvement of daily functional tasks. However, the tongue’s placement within the oral cavity limits the accessibility to observe and record objective lingual behaviors such as spatial positioning, placement (passive, active), movement, and performance simultaneously. PARROT, a wireless mouthpiece with imaging and pressure mapping capabilities, is intended to serve as a screening and therapy tool with telemedicine capabilities alongside clinical guidance. PARROT will aid in identifying the underlying mechanisms or mechanics potentially causing and/or exacerbating OMDs, while minimizing impedance of the tongue’s natural movements. To achieve this, biomaterials, Bluetooth components, sensors and their placement in the wearable device, as well as the wearable device’s placement within the oral cavity were investigated. A device that is able to serve as a screening and therapy tool with telemedicine capabilities alongside existing clinical guidance would greatly improve understanding OMDs and effectiveness of their treatment. Such a device would additionally invite a heightened understanding of clinical applications across multiple disciplines (e.g., communication sciences and disorders, exercise science, biomedical, dental & orthodontics). Furthermore, such a device may advance current clinical practices within such fields.

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Presenter: Hanna Chastain

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Subject: Interdisciplinary Studies

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