TeX Math Here: a Versatile Notation and Equation Composition Tool

Nathanael Gentry and Dr. David Schweitzer, Department of Mathematics, Liberty University, 1971 University Blvd., Lynchburg VA 24515

Accurately communicating mathematics has been a perennial challenge for computer users.  Whether working on presentations, online posts or submissions, digital content, emails, or online class material, generating special characters or notation not found on a typical keyboard can present obstacles to content creation.  The LaTeX typesetting language has for decades been the lingua franca of digital mathematical documents, but its expansive ecosystem has not integrated well with such popular editing suites as Microsoft Office and Google Docs.  Many developers have published well-featured extensions that bring the beautiful typesetting of LaTeX to specific interfaces; however, a math interface that is context-agnostic provides significant advantages.  Our solution lies in TeX Math Here, a browser extension we developed for Chrome and Firefox.  It accepts LaTeX math code and uses it to create an image of the corresponding mathematical expression for pasting in virtually any platform.  Supporting a wider variety of fonts than most math composition systems and with full color support, the extension also attaches useful metadata (such as alt text for screen readers).  TeX Math Here takes the core power of LaTeX -- its intuitive syntax for mathematics input -- across the Internet without requiring users to master the many idiosyncrasies of typesetting a complete LaTeX document.  Moreover, with a unified solution like TeX Math Here, users will be spared the learning curves of the complex, proprietary equation-entry schemes in commercial editors or platform-specific applications.

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Presenter: Nathanael Gentry

Institution: Liberty University

Type: Oral

Subject: Computer Science

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Session: Oral 7
Date/Time: Tue 3:30pm-4:30pm
Session Number: 715
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