Traditional Hispanic Healthcare

Denver Dobson, Dr. Karen Appleby, and Dr. Jong Sung, Department of Human Performance and Sport Studies, Idaho State University, 921 S 8th Ave, Pocatello ID 83209

With the growing Hispanic population within the United States, providing proper healthcare to the Hispanic population, especially in rural communities, is a growing challenge facing modern medicine.  To address this issue, several barriers to Hispanic healthcare have been studied to provide potential solutions.  However, the barrier created by cultural Hispanic beliefs has often been overlooked by other studies. The purpose of this research study is to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultural beliefs that create barriers preventing the Hispanic population within the United States from receiving adequate healthcare and to identify potential solutions.

To investigate cultural barriers arising from core Hispanic cultural beliefs/values as well as traditional medicinal practices, a qualitative pilot study will be conducted. A semi-structure interview will be performed with 1-2 key health care professionals who provide service to Hispanic individuals in rural communities. This pilot study will place emphasis on the prevalence and effects of cultural beliefs regarding traditional illnesses, medicine, and values.  The participants interviewed should have experience with past Hispanic patients who had cultural beliefs that clashed with modern medicine practices impeding the healthcare process.  Throughout this investigation, I expect to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultural barriers that impact Hispanic healthcare as well as their prevalence within communities in Southeast Idaho.  Additionally, potential solutions to eliminate these barriers will be investigated. 

By expanding our knowledge of cultural barriers facing the Hispanic population, health care providers can create a trusting and safe healthcare environment for the Hispanic population to know that they do not have to navigate the intimidating US healthcare system alone.

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Presenter: Denver Dobson

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Subject: Gender, Ethnicity, & Cultural Studies

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