The Interplay of Music and Alcohol in Regulating College Students’ Mood

Melissa Elias and Dr. Rose Marie Ward Miami University Department of Kinesiology and Health 106 Phillips Hall Oxford, OH 45056

Alcohol is a public health concern across university campuses and is known to regulate individuals’ mood. It has been evidenced that alcohol’s impact on mood yields negative consequences such as impaired judgment and an increase in drinking to cope. Drinking to cope is very common among college students and has been shown to increase one’s alcohol consumption. In addition, research suggests that music can be a powerful tool in regulating one's mood. However, the effects of how mood is regulated by the interplay of music and alcohol has yet to be studied. The purpose of this study is to examine the regulation of mood through alcohol and music. Using anonymous, online survey sampling, data will be collected at a midwest, mid-sized university. It is expected that a connection between music and alcohol in regulating mood will be evident. Thus, students who report higher regulation of mood through music may also relay higher regulation of their mood via alcohol. Information from this study could be used to better understand the individuals who are more susceptible to having their mood regulated by alcohol. The ultimate goal of this study is to discover a correlation between music and alcohol in regulating one's mood in order to reduce the likelihood of college students partaking in mechanisms such as drinking to cope that yield further negative behaviors associated with drinking. 

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Presenter: Melissa Elias

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