Muscle Development and Injuries in Full Time Musicians

Karli Johnson, Anna Cromwell, UW-Stevens Point COFAC, 1800 Portage St, Stevens Point WI, 54481

Violinists, both beginning and advanced may experience a plethora of muscle complications, from over use that causes tendinitis, and carpel tunnel, along with over development that can cause issues with posture in the future, and unevenness in the body. All humans experience their own versions of muscle over usage, and they could be avoided. Here we will explore the causes and effects and preventions/ exercises for certain muscle groups in the violinist/ violist. Preventative exercises that may prevent injury are as follows: stretching, yoga routines; What positions/stretches are most beneficial to musicians to relieve tension in muscles? What workout Routine would best fit a musician, Running vs Swimming? What kind of weights, body weights, or dumbbell weights are worse on the muscles of a musician?
The kinds of non-surgical therapies that musicians use are, Miofashia Release, Massage Therapist, and the Alexander Technique. These therapies vary in intensity and therefore in their results, so what therapies are better for musicians depending on their age and practice routine? The expected results from personal interviews with full time musicians are that stretching, a normal workout routine, and regular therapy appointments is a minimum or pain free music career. What do musicians do before or outside they practice?

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