"Just to Chat, Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan, This Is Stan": an Analysis on the Phenomenon Known as Stan Twitter

Allison Partin, Dr. Adrienne Jankens, English Department, Wayne State University, 42 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms that has come to be within this generation, amassing a variety of sub-cultures and communities within users, including gamers, musicians, artists, and one specific group known as “stans”. The term “stan” is relatively new, evolving from Detroit rapper Eminem’s song given the same title, “Stan”, this sub-culture consists of teenagers, mostly girls aged between 13-19, who obsess over different musicians and bands, including the likes of One Direction, Ariana Grande, and BTS, just to name a few. 

Any member of the “stan twitter”community learns that there is so much more to these groups than meets the eye. User @saturnsappho, who identifies as part of the Harry Styles fandom and has amassed over 500 followers, describes it specifically as “a place that feels like home; I am able to talk freely about my interests with people who won’t judge or make fun of me because they feel the same way”. However, almost every positive comes with a negative, and unfortunately these communities can turn sour, becoming full of narcissistic behavior and toxicity. 

Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies (Adler-Kassner and Wardle) can help us understand the ways that stans write to bring to life their identities and communities on Twitter. Specifically, their own unique identity, ideologies, and morals become shaped and displayed through the various tweets that are written throughout their accounts. In my proposed presentation, I will analyze the emotional appeal of these “stans” and how their overall personal identity from these accounts is shaped, specifically through core concepts that are presented in “Threshold Concept 3: Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies” (Adler-Kassner and Wardle). 

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Presenter: Allison Partin

Institution: Wayne State University

Type: Oral

Subject: Rhetoric and Writing Studies

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Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
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