Landing Mechanics in Collegiate Athletes with Genu Recurvatum

Dani Mecham, Dr. Karen Appleby, Dr. JongHun Sung, Human Performance and Sport Studies Department Idaho State University 921 South 8th Ave. Pocatello, ID 83209

Jumping is a frequently performed task in sports such as volleyball or basketball. When jumping, the proper landing technique is extremely important to prevent lower extremity injuries. Improper landing techniques are demonstrated by more upright posture, forward momentum, increased valgus at the knee and greater hip extension, adduction, and internal rotation. Hyperextension of the knee, or genu recurvatum, is a deformity in the knee joint in which excessive extension occurs. Genu recurvatum could often lead to damage of the soft-tissue structure of the knees, such as the anterior cruciate ligament. There have been few biomechanical investigations examining a relationship between genu recurvatum and landing mechanics. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between genu recurvatum and lower limb kinematics in landing using a 2- dimensional video analysis. It is hypothesized that one would be more prone to having improper landing mechanics when one has genu recurvatum. Thirty collegiate athletes who play basketball and volleyball between the ages of 19-22 who have not had knee surgery prior will be recruited. The study participants will be placed into two groups: (1) those who exhibit greater than -10 degrees of hyperextension and (2) those who exhibit less than -10 degrees. The participants will compete two maximum effort vertical jumps and two downward box jumps. Two high-speed cameras will be used to record/evaluate study participants’ landing kinematics of the lower limb in the sagittal/frontal plane.  It is anticipated that those with genu recurvatum will demonstrate improper landing mechanics based on the kinematics analysis. This study can lead to a greater understanding of how the genu recurvatum affects the athlete's landing techniques.

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