Design and Construction of a Modular Spectrometer

Ryan Johnson, Mason DeVries, and Dr. Erik Grumstrup, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 103 Chemistry Biochemistry Building, Bozeman, MT 59717

Spectroscopy is an important analytical tool for being able to identify and measure spectra for various areas of research. Being able to assemble a working modular spectrometer for use in labs with a lower total cost than buying a new spectrometer is an important issue. Cost and portability are the main areas of focus for this project. Through the use of 3D-printing, optical assembly, electrical assembly, and programming in Labview, a prototype model of a modular spectrometer was constructed and tested. Through testing, a calibration curve for translating pixel to wavelength was found and confirmed to be accurate in regards to centering the chosen wavelength in the calibrated range within 1 nm. The chosen light source is focused on the attached fiber optic able to the spectrometer, and then the focused light source can be analyzed and recorded with the spectrometer. The modular prototype was able to be manipulated to accurately identify visible wavelengths between 400-700 nm from a mercury-neon calibration lamp and save images from the attached camera. The taken images can then be analyzed using image processing software and the calculated calibration curve to plot a line profile of visible wavelengths of light from the analyzed picture. The successful design and construction of a working portable spectrometer was finished and is able to be interchanged between different lab setups and is able to accurately identify wavelengths of light within the calibrated range. This prototype will lead to a public design, which will be freely available for use.

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Presenters: Ryan Johnson, Mason DeVries

Institution: Montana State University

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Subject: Chemistry

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Session: Poster 4
Date/Time: Tue 11:00am-12:00pm
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