Reflections on Professional Development: Interviews and Survey Data from Teachers, Professors and Staff

Brenda Morales-Flores, Faith Frayman, Zoe Ziegler and Dr. Scott Gartlan, Executive Director, Charlotte Teachers Institute UNC Charlotte 9201 University City Blvd Charlotte, NC 28223

Research analyzing more than thirty studies over three decades concludes that effective teacher professional development aimed at student achievement is content focused, supports active and collaborative learning, provides expert support, offers space for reflection and feedback, and takes place over a sustained duration.  Somewhat less well known are teachers’ and professors’ perspectives on their professional development experiences and how those experiences might contribute to the development of effective professional development.  This study is a mixed methods design, including two parts.  Part 1 utilizes five audio-only, interview datasets from participating teachers, professors, and staff in a video project for a professional development program.  Part 2 includes anonymous survey data collected from 183 participating teachers after the program had ended.  After interviews are transcribed in Part 1, Grounded Theory will be used to develop codes, categories, and themes based on direct testimonials, as well as assumptions in the professional development model being studied.  Interrater reliability through code-sharing among the research team will help to identify common themes that emerge from the interviews.  These themes along with direct quotes will be shared with interviewees as a member check on initial findings.  In Part 2, closed-ended and open-ended questions will be used to generate quantitative statistics and evidence to support themes from the interviewees’ experiences.  Taken together, themes and patterns will emerge from the experiences of the five interviewees and survey responses from past professional development participants.  Based on the five goals of the program expected outcomes will center on content knowledge, collaboration, creativity and leadership.  In addition, themes may develop around teacher efficacy, differentiated instruction, racial equity, student engagement, relevance of content, adult learning, and curriculum development.  These patterns will shed light on the relationship between teachers’ and professors’ experiences and features found in effective teacher professional development.

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Presenters: Faith Frayman, Brenda Morales-Flores, Zoe Ziegler

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