Associating an Unclassified X-ray Source with a Distant Quasar

Cody Cox and Dr. Arash Bodaghee, Dept. of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Georgia College and State University, 221 N. Wilkinson St. Milledgeville, GA 31061

The most precise X-ray position yet of IGR J12346 has been found. This object was listed as an unclassified X-ray source in the Swift INTEGRAL X-ray Survey (SIX: Bottacini et al. 2012) with a position error circle of a few arcminutes in radius. Our short Swift-XRT observation allowed us to refine the source position to an error radius of seven arcseconds. With this more precise coordinate, we are now able to associate IGR J12346 with a distant quasar (supermassive black hole) previously seen in optical, infrared, and radio wavelengths.

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Presenter: Cody Cox

Institution: Georgia College and State University

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Subject: Physics/Astronomy

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Session: Poster 9
Date/Time: Wed 12:00pm-1:00pm
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