Photomontage: Technical Applications Throughout History and Meaning of It All

Kevin Davis, Graphic Design, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N University Dr, Edmond, OK 73034

Throughout history, photomontage was used to form powerful messages on topics such as political ideals, cultural movements, responses to tragic events, and even to explore topics related the the mind and subconsciousness. This technique was used from a vide variety of artists, over a massive span of history. Why was there such an intense gravitation toward a technique like this from such a broad audience of artists for different a wide array of uses? This paper explores the technical applications of photomontage throughout graphic design history, while also examining the technique’s legitimacy and value today with the rise of software programs like Photoshop.

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Presenter: Kevin Davis

Institution: University of Central Oklahoma

Type: Poster

Subject: Art History & Visual Arts

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Session: Poster 1
Date/Time: Mon 1:30pm-2:30pm
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