Utilizing the 2018 Pennsylvania (PA) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health Needs Assessment Report to Assess the Interest and Engagement in Healthy Lifestyles Within the Allegheny County LGBT Community

Isabella Tam, SN, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, 3500 Victoria Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, Dr. Brenda Lee Cassidy, DNP, RN, MSN, CPNP-PC, Dr. Andrea F.R. Fischl, PhD, MPH, BS, CRNP, RN, and Betty J. Braxter, PhD, RN, CNM, Department of Health Promotion and Development, University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing, 3500 Victoria Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Learning Objectives:

Discuss the level of interest (healthy living, exercise, screening) towards the incorporation of healthy living strategies held by LGBT residents of Allegheny County, PA.

Describe healthy living activities practiced within LGBT community members.

Purpose Statement: Allegheny County, a county in PA, has an active LGBT community. The purpose of this project is to describe interest/engagement in healthy lifestyles within the LGBT community.

Background:  LGBT community members face barriers affecting their health statuses; members report negative experiences increasing their risk for HIV, diabetes, and limiting health screenings.

Methods:  This is a secondary analysis of data from the 2018 PA LGBT Health Needs Assessment created by the Pennsylvania (PA) Department of Health and the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center utilizing a descriptive and purposive, convenience, snowball sampling surveying 4,679 PA LGBT community members. Respondents were surveyed on health disparities, healthy living strategies, interest in healthy living strategies, mental health needs, and reactions to coming out as LGBT.

Results:  Participants (n=802) varied from under 18 to older than 65 years; a majority of respondents were 25 years and older (68.2%), 91.5% were insured with 75% identifying as White. The majority (89.7%) expressed a moderate/extreme interest in incorporating healthy living strategies. Over half of respondents (65.1%) reported being overweight/obese while 77.7% reported active engagement in an exercise regime. Another, 52.1% of respondents reported having undergone screening for diabetes and 16.7% diagnosed with prediabetes. Additionally, 38.4% identified a risk factor for HIV with 75.3% who reported testing. Only 15.5% had undergone an anal Pap test and 68.8% reported having completed the recommended sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy screening procedures.

Conclusions:  Allegheny County LGBT community members exercise and typically engage in recommended screening procedures incorporating healthy living strategies. The desire to maintain healthy lifestyles may positively impact the overall health status of LGBT community members.

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