Covid-19 and Cybersecurity

Aaron Chin King, Tzipora Halevi, Department of Computer Science, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Ave Brooklyn NY 11210

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the dynamics of cybersecurity. In particular, businesses worldwide are struggling to continue safely with daily operations now that offices and other facilities are closed, and employees are working from home. The demands placed on the digital infrastructure have surged and thus the ever-dependent technology has become a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity threats are estimated to cost the world US $6 trillion a year by 2021, and the number of attacks has increased five-fold after COVID-19. The cybersecurity architecture at home is not the same level of security as in organizations, and thus the number of vulnerabilities has increased just as attacks have increased. Attackers have mainly focused on social engineering attacks, such as phishing, that exploits the concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic to be more effective and successful in their attacks. This paper presents an analysis of cybersecurity attacks that have emerged during this COVID-19 pandemic and explore possible changes in defensive strategies involving machine learning and artificial intelligence that will better secure data.

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Presenter: Aaron Chin King

Institution: Brooklyn College

Type: Oral

Subject: Computer Science

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Session: Oral 8
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