Analysis of Common Healthcare Conditions of Rural Medical Mission Clinics in Haiti

Makenzie Girtman, Jonathan Howe and Sarah Comstock, Math and Science Department, Corban University, 5000 Deer Park Drive SE, Salem, OR 97317

Corban University has partnered with a team of medical professionals to obtain a deeper understanding of healthcare practices in developing countries by traveling to Haiti allowing students to shadow physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. These providers help support local healthcare efforts in rural Haiti. The team’s most recent visit was May of 2019 where they visited a new location where four medical clinics were hosted in rural areas, where access to medical care is severely limited. However, if needed, patients from these rural clinics were referred to a local partnering hospital serving the central coast region of Haiti. 
When planning for an upcoming trip in the spring of 2020, the medications prescribed in the past are considered, as all the prescriptions must be purchased prior to the trip. During each clinic, supplies are limited and running out of medications such as ibuprofen has been common in previous years. Therefore, the data collected from recent years is a key component to making upcoming teams as successful and efficient as possible. The data analyzed from 2019 summarized the most common diagnoses and medication prescribed to a total of 469 patients. The most common diagnosis included hypertension, gastro-esophageal disease (GERD), and urinary tract infections (UTIs), while the most prescribed medications included Acetaminophen, Diflucan, and Lisinopril.  
This study will allow medical professionals to be informed of the most common diagnosis seen in rural areas of Haiti where the clinics will be hosted. Additionally, medical purchases will be influenced by the data recorded in previous years and the prescribing guidelines of the medical providers for treatment of the common diagnoses at each location. 

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Presenters: Makenzie Girtman, Jonathan Howe

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