Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead: an Analysis of Student Nurses Post-study Abroad Reflections and Perceived Future Nursing Career Impacts

Katelyn Glogowski, SN, Jennifer L. Talleff, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, Madison Ollive, SN, College of Nursing, Texas Woman's University, 5500 Southwestern Medical Ave. Dallas, TX 75235.

Purpose: To explore nursing students' perceived impact of study abroad experiences on their future careers. Background: Universities offer study abroad courses to support and expand students' awareness of the world in which they live. A review of the literature reveals the transformative nature of study abroad experiences. The benefits described in previous studies focused on nursing students include personal and professional growth in self-efficacy, adaptability, and sensitivity. However, a review of the literature did not reveal any studies of nursing students' perceptions on the benefits of study abroad within the context of their future careers. Methodology: Qualitative thematic analysis. Nine baccalaureate nursing students enrolled in a Healthcare in Great Britain course at a university in the Southwest region of the United States completed an end of course report consisting of open ended, reflective questions. Eighteen total responses regarding the research question were coded with NVivo software by the primary student researcher to identify themes among students' answers. Coding was then reviewed and discussed with the research team members. Conclusion: Data collection and initial coding is completed. Final analysis will be completed by January 2021. These findings can be utilized by faculty to gain insight into the most impactful experiences to include when designing and promoting study abroad courses. Students may utilize these findings to increase their awareness and approach their study abroad experiences more deliberately within the context of their future nursing careers. 

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