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Kailey Dresel, Tina Lee, Applied Social Science, University of Wisconsin Stout, 712 Broadway St S, Menomonie, WI 54751

Technology has advanced extensively within the past decade. During this time, it has also become apparent that many students are lacking effective communication skills. I have spoken with a decent amount of educators and they have stated that they can see a decline in students communication skills whether it is regarding their confidence to speak in class or be able to communicate professionally. Technology is known to be helpful, but it  can also be distracting.  For this presentation I examine how students’ technology usage has affected their communication skills. Student’s communication skills from the perspectives of students, educators, and parents, data  by conducting interviews and surveys, focusing on students between the ages of 19 and 25. As technology advancements have been made and these young people are developing into young professionals, are they able to expand on their communication skills or are they lacking? Can any deficiencies be related to their technology usage? There was a previous study done that stated over 60% of students said their main communication with their peers was over text message or social media.

This study is relevant because it will provide further information of how technology affects students communication skills. Educators, students, and parents can be more aware and implement strategies to have technology have more of a positive impact rather than a negative impact on communication skills.  



Massimini, M., & Peterson, M. (2009). Information and Communication Technology: Affects on U.S. College Students. Cyberpsychology, 3(1), 1–12.

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Presenter: Kailey Drese;

Institution: University of Wisconsin - Stout

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