Naegleria fowleri against Sodium hypochlorite

Selinda Kiefer, Dr. Sandra Halonen, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Montana State University PO Box 173520 Bozeman, MT 59717

Naegleria fowleri often noted as the “brain eating amoeba” can be found in freshwater around the planet. It prefers warmer waters such as hot springs or water found in warmer climates. Although infections from N. fowleri are rare, there is a 97% mortality rate and death in a week without a specific drug to eliminate the parasite. With N. fowleri being found in water pipelines in Australia, it creates a rising concern of an increase of infections. As temperatures worldwide continue to increase, cases of N. fowleri have the potential to migrate to cooler climates. To combat the amoeba in the water lines, sodium hypochlorite is added to eliminate possible pathogens. A pilot experiment was conducted using Clorox which contains sodium hypochlorite. From varying concentrations, it was found that Clorox was an effective disinfectant against N. fowleri, dissolving most of the amoeba after 15 minutes. In the spring semester of 2020, another experiment will be conducted with pure sodium hypochlorite solutions to determine the effectiveness of killing N. fowleri. Varying concentrations will be tested against the amoeba as well as analyzing the amoeba at four timepoints. At the timepoints, the amoeba/sodium hypochlorite solutions will be plated to determine viability of the samples. From this an effective concentration of sodium hypochlorite will be found to kill N. fowleri. 

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