Am I right or Am I protective

Jose A. Castaneda Jr., Ronald Wright, Department of Psychology, Southern Nazarene University 6729 NW. 39th Expy., Bethany, OK 73008

Although there are multiple definitions of intellectual humility (IH), it can be agreed that IH is primarily focused on understanding the limits that one has on their own knowledge and beliefs (Hill et al., 2018). Due to the numerous ways that religious traditions are different in their views, the use of a single scale of IH will cause limitations due to the limitations of using a single religion’s perspective. For the Christian tradition, the theistic IH scale focuses on the perspective of God, through subscales of submission to God, the recognition of human finite limitations, and the belief bias limitations.  The present study furthers the knowledge and understanding of theistic IH by examining the relationship that it has with the religious orientations. Specifically, it was hypothesized that there would be a tradeoff seen between religious orientation and theistic intellectual humility such that security-orientated religious orientation would be positively related to submission to God and finite limitations, and growth-focused orientation would be positively related to belief bias limitations. Participants were 222 adults, primarily students, from two private Christian universities located in the midwest. Participants completed an online survey which included the Theistic Intellectual Humility Scale, Defensive Theology Scale, and the Batson Quest Scale. As hypothesized, intellectual submission to God and an understanding of human finite limitations were positively correlated with a security-orientated religious orientation. In contrast, recognition of belief bias limitation was positively correlated with a growth-focused religious orientation. This study helps contribute to an unknown perspective of IH and religion. 



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