Dis-connected at All Times: the Effects Social Media Platforms Have on Intrapersonal Development and Romantic Relationships

Alexandra Camejo, Dr. Marisol Varela, English, Miami Dade College, 3800 NW 115th Ave, Doral, FL 33178

Through the analyzing of documentaries and journals of conducted studies, the purpose of this research is to express the damaging effects social media platforms have on intrapersonal understanding and the lateral affects correlated to the health and longevity of romantic relationships. Additional to these connected factors, brief reflection on the history of romantic relationships and the evolution of current societal structure explains how culture and lifestyle has integrated into a new facet of reality through technological advances seen in social media. In recognizing the consequences both positive and negative, a clearer perspective is understood on the impacting effects social media plays when developing a sense of identity to build on when structuring a foundation for enduring romantic relationships. In concluding said research, there are both positive and negative take-aways to consider applying when establishing new foundations to find success in long-term relationships. 

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Presenter: Alexandra Camejo

Institution: Miami Dade College

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Subject: Communications

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Session: Poster 4
Date/Time: Tue 11:00am-12:00pm
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