Slaughter of the Innocents

Justice Jackson, Dr. Tiffanie Turner-Henderson, Department of Business Administration, Johnson C. Smith University, 100 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216

Why are alcohol impaired accidents a common issue among young adults? The research began with investigating factors that contribute to young adults (18-24) driving under the influence (DUI). The purpose of the proposed research is to explore the business aspect of the alcohol industry and alcohol impaired accidents, and to discover if the alcohol industry uses marketing to target and persuade young adults to consume alcohol. The main aspect of the research will focus on how much of an impact the alcohol industry has on young adults, including all external factors that contribute to DUI. Research and observations showed that heavy episodic and binge drinking was more likely to occur amongst those who were freshman, athletes, and members of Greek organizations, essentially leading to the increase of DUI. Preliminary research led to the following provoking question: Does the alcohol industry’s use of marketing strategies to target and influence young adults to drink, increase the likelihood of DUI and the rate of alcohol impaired accidents amongst this group. To further understand this theory, the researcher conducted in-depth interviews with the targeted population. This study was guided by Bandura’s (1977) Social Cognitive Theory and analyzed the proposed hypothesis: After being exposed to alcohol related advertisements, young adults will mimic the behaviors seen in the advertisements thus exhibiting Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory. This is an ongoing study which halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic; therefore, the following results are subject to change. Post interview 75% of participants stated that advertisements influenced their decision to drink and noted that anti- drinking advertisements left a more impressionable impact. Even though the study identified additional factors that contributed to DUI, there is still no evident research that indicates alcohol advertisements serve as a factor that increases the likelihood of DUI among young adults.

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Presenter: Justice Jackson

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