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Institution: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

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Oxidative Stress of Alligator Weed and Watercress Plants PosterBiologyDaniel AdamsGinger Bailey
Allelopathic Effects of Alternanthera Philoxeroides on Algal growthPosterBiologyThuan Dang
Removal of Palladium Ions from Polluted WaterPosterChemistryCaleb GuerraNicholas Spader
Saving Safety Suzy: The Digital Preservation of a 1940s Public Safety Campaign of the LAPDOralCommunicationsKatherine Mann
The Effect of Locomotion and Phylogeny on Pelvic Morphology in RodentsOralBiologySkylar Mizell
A Linear Probability Model of Retail Beverage Store Locations PosterBusinessMatthew PeasterJustin Cook
Preserving Police Procedures: Documenting the Post-WWII Training Practices of the LAPDOralCommunicationsNicholas Spader
Removal of Palladium Ions from Polluted Water PosterChemistryNicholas SpaderCaleb Guerra
The Effects of Climate Change on Phenology of Hemiparasite, Seymeria cassioides (Orobanchaceae)PosterBiologySharon SpiessCaroline Shaw