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Institution: Adelphi University

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Bilingualism, Argumentative Writing, and Perspective TakingPosterPsychologyAvery Gaeta
A Crime to Be Bilingual? Jury Perception of Non-Native Language in TestimoniesPosterPsychologyAnna Mouras
Synthesis of Phenyl Pyrazoles for the Inhibition of UNH in Trichomonas VaginalisPosterChemistryKevin Nelson
Converting a Chirality Experiment to be Inquiry-Based and VirtualOralChemistrySamantha Tannenbaum
Attachment Style, Stress, and Media PreferencesPosterPsychologyLila Woodbridge
The Dark Triad Personality Traits as Predictors of Political Conservatism, Racial Discrimination and Attitudes Towards Police BehaviorOralPsychologyIrene Yannios