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Institution: California State University - Fullerton

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Compact Crane for Fishing Cages and NetsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringHuseen Abdulredha
Service Life Model of Zeolite Based High Performance Concrete MixturesOralCivil EngineeringHothaifa Al EidJacqueline Diaz
Impact of Mindset on Female Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessAsha Bhattacharya
Photogrammetry Volumetric 3D Printing OralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringEric CastellanosRonald Flores , Ahmad AlRasheed, Emily Navarro, Brandon Rosales, Jesus Gama
Fibonacci GapsPosterMathematicsMadeline Ceccia
Applying Restorative Cognitive Rehabilitation in Survivors of TBI 40 Years after Injury PosterPsychologyKiana Clay
An Investigation of STEM Career Diversity in High School Mathematics Textbooks PosterMathematicsAlexis Di Pasqua Emily Rumaldo, Evelyn Pohle
Titan Fire Intervention & Relief EffortsPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRafael GalvanFareed Alhasan , Martin Ramirez , Ulises Baza , Keiri Priego
Titan Energy Generation SystemPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringDominic GarciaAlbert Chavez, Benedict Tuazon, Caleb Douglas, Hassan Fawaz, Tyler Viers
Synthesis and Study of the Pyrochlore Structure La3Sb3Co2O14 for Use as an Oxygen Transport MembraneOralChemistryJose Gonzalez Jimenez
Computational Model for Structure Determination of the Na4Ag44(p-MBA)30 Nanoparticle SuperstructureOralChemistryVictor Guadron-Escobar
Victims Who Don't See Themselves as Victims: Analyzing Women's Perceptions of Forced vs. Voluntary Sex Trade in RussiaOralPsychologyVarvara Gulina
Using the BioID Approach to Identify Proteins Interacting with the P0 Protein from Turnip Yellows VirusOralBiologyKellen Henning
Declining Female Labor Force Participation Rates in India: Trends and ReasonsOralEconomicsMansi Kalra
Investigating Contributing Variables to Sexual Satisfaction: A Quantitative StudyOralCommunicationsAlan MartinezAndreyna Guijarro, Carley Neilson, Rochelle Hibbs, Beatrice Elizondo
Calculating the Behavior of Warped Spacetime of Two Merging Black Holes with a Next-Generation Numerical-Relativity Code. OralPhysics/AstronomyMarlo Morales
Listening & empathy in the case of microaggression or misunderstandingPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentRyan Nadler Allison Arritt , Leslie Portillo
Peak Shear Strength of Ash/Sand Mixtures PosterCivil EngineeringJohn Navarrete
Investigating Power Analysis Attacks and Countermeasures for IoT ApplicationsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringAaron Nguyen
A Comparative Analysis of a few Supervised Learning modeling approaches for the COVID-19 pandemicPosterMathematicsCaleb PeñaGwendolyn Lind, Seth Arreola
Tailoring Multicomponent Experiments with Fractional Factorial Designs and Randomized Controlled TrialsOralMathematicsRita PintorMichael Strand -
Examining the Influence of Sedentary Behavior on Pain and Quality of Life in Older Adults with and Without FibromyalgiaPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentWendy Preza
Spectral Analysis and Correlation of Power Signatures for SHA-256 Encryption Keys OralComputer ScienceCorbin ProvostAlexander Sigler
Mathematic Textbook Presence: an Analytical Review of Women, People of Color, and STEM Careers in Middle SchoolsPosterEducationBrian QuisenberryAnthony Truong, Christine Gamez
Long Short Term Memory Load ForecastingOralComputer ScienceLevi Randall
Effects of a Non-indigenous Bryozoan on the Recruitment of the Native Olympia Oyster, Ostrea lurida. PosterEcologyLeeza-Marie Rodriguez
Human-Electric Hybrid VehiclePosterEngineeringJonathon SchatzAntonio Gomez Medina, Emmanuel Sanchez, Quang Ly, Saul Velasco Rodriguez, Toan Nguyen, Phi Huynh
Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Molecular Modeling Studies of Dual Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase/Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase InhibitorsPosterBiochemistryAleksei Solomatov
In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for the Detection of the Agricultural Insecticide ImidaclopridOralBiochemistryVeng Hout TyVeng Hout Ty
the Creation of a 501c3 Nonprofit OrganizationOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Vaage
Trump's Immigration Policy Impact on White and Latinx People, and Their Endorsement of the American DreamOralPsychologyAlexa Vega RivasSamantha Sanchez -
Identifying the Role of RRM2 in PTBP1 Nucleocytoplasmic ShuttlingPosterBiochemistryKimberly VuNiroshika Keppetipola
Titan Wildfire Infrared Prevention Satellite CubeSatPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringKirk WilliamsPatrick Babb, Kye Arai, Scott Cary, Sally George, Victor Calderon, Abraham Rodriguez
Traditional Breeding of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to Produce a Strain High in Protein and Lipid Content for Use as Source of Fish FoodPosterBiologyAngela Xia