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Institution: California State University - Long Beach

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A Fundamental Study on Dynamics of Droplet SheddingPosterEngineeringPatricia Agbayani
Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English R SoundsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesSehar AlamSehar Alam, Stephanie Flores
Construction of Candida albican specific antibody linked to antifungal peptidesPosterMicrobiologyPeter AtyiaAlexa Dickey, Glory Nguyen, Frank Albano
Microplastics Removal by Coagulation and Flocculation ProcessPosterEngineeringNicholas Banuelos
A Fundamental Study on Droplet SolidificationPosterEngineeringHaytham Buran
Pro-Social Community Investments Online: the case for Hispanic Peer-to-Peer LendingOralBusinessIsaac CuateIsaac Cuate
Overcoming the Heuristic Nature of kā€‘Means Clustering: Identification and Characterization of Binding Modes from Simulations of Molecular Recognition ComplexesPosterBiochemistryDanna De Boer
Stress, Physical Activity, and Sedentary Behavior in Minority GirlsPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentKimberly Estrada
I will do anything to be in the group: Personal control moderates the effect of the need to belong on in-group aggressionPosterPsychologyDavid Guirgus
Early Bilingual Acquisition of Spanish and English /l/OralLinguistics & World LanguagesAshley HarrisAdrian Cortez, Vivienne Nguyen
Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Traffic Flows, with Consideration of Data Privacy PrinciplesPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesSheila Hayati
Low Physical Activity is Linked to Hemodynamic and Cardiac Autonomic Function in Doctor of Physical Therapy StudentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentChristian HipolitoVy Nguyen
Financial Literacy and Student Loan DebtOralBusinessMyo KyawLaura Gonzalez
Being in Control Is the Key: Personal Control Moderates the Effect of Positive In-group Identification on In-group AggressionPosterPsychologyKimberly Llontop
Surface Wettability PosterEngineeringMaria Maalouf
Low physical activity is linked to hemodynamic and cardiac autonomic function in Doctor of Physical Therapy studentsOralHealth & Human DevelopmentVy NguyenChristian Hipolito
Under the Influence: Impulsivity Moderates the Effect of a Trigger on Alcohol-primed Displaced Aggression PosterPsychologyAllyn Ojeda
Exposed to Alcohol and Expecting Anger: Alcohol Expectancies Moderate the Effect of Narcissism on Alcohol-primed HostilityPosterPsychologyAllyn Ojeda
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls in NepalPosterPsychologyDarshana Pandey
Virtual Lifestyle Therapy Program Participants See Similar Attrition Rates Between Payer Populations PosterNursing & Public HealthTiffany SortoJohanah Martinez, Phuong Ngan Phan, Alan Marin
Moderate-to-vigorous Physical Activity in a Digital Exercise Intervention: Effect of Delivery Synchronicity OralExercise Science & NutritionDiana ThanMadeleine Phan