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Institution: Carthage College

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Instructor Presence in Instructional VideoPosterPsychologyKevin CarterJessica Sendef, Devan Nelson
There Are No Straight Answers: Queer Relationships and the Supernatural in Marie De France’s GuigemarOralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Cork
Impact of Racial Power Inequality on Environmental QualityPosterEconomicsGeorgia Fox
An Analysis of the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Good...For Now?OralBusinessSamuel Grochowski
“‘The Masculine Side of Her Talent’: Gender, Sexuality, and the Self in Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing”OralEnglish & LiteratureElena Hansen
Differing Effects of Financial Incentives on Residential Solar Panel InstallationsPosterEconomicsZoe Hobbs
Function of Onset Timing in White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) CommunicationPosterBiologyAzniv Khaligian
Seeds of "Funk" in "The Bluest Eye"OralEnglish & LiteratureEmma Kiiskila
High-leverage Practices (HLPs) Implemented in Urban ClassroomsOralEducationMaryellen McCawCassandra Millard, Candice Mattie, Adriana Santana
Cultural Construction of the Mind: Schema Theory and William James in Gertrude Stein’s Tender ButtonsOralEnglish & LiteratureKathryn Milschewski
a Study of Coincidence Reflections in Two Dimensions and Three DimensionsOralMathematicsCalvin Raymond
Informational and Interactional Alignment/disalignment: a Comparative Study of the Japanese Sentence-final Particle yone with English Tag-Questions PosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAlexander Rogers