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Institution: Concordia College - Moorhead

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Demyelination and Interferon Signaling in Axons Cause Retrograde Upregulation of ISGylation Pathway GenesPosterBiologyKenneth David
PI3K Subunits in the Rat Supraoptic NucleusPosterBiologyRiley IrmenZaynab Said, Duong Nguyen
Comparing Small Mammal Communities on Remnant and Restored Prairies with a Special Emphasis on Rare Species PosterEcologyFaith JamesOlivia Vergin, Faith James, Peyton Lehman
Small Crustaceans, Big Implications: Anthropogenic Impacts of Propeller Scars on Floridian Seagrass EcosystemsPosterEcologyFaith JamesFaith James, Ingrid Jacobson
Volkstrauertag in Michigan as a Microcosm for the Relationship Between West Germany and the U.S. During the Cold War EraOralHistoryShelby Reidle