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Institution: Dominican University of California

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Relationship of Personality Traits and the Continued Use of Childhood Comfort Objects by College StudentsPosterPsychologyAshlyn Allan
Influences of Cultural Similarities and Differences on Coworker Relationships and Perceived Levels of Workplace Psychological StressOralPsychologyNatalie Hidaka
the Influence of Online Advertisements on Consumer BehaviorPosterPsychologyHaley Hunter
The Effects of Social Media Use and Content on Self-Esteem and Perceived Physical Appearance in College StudentsPosterPsychologyCatherine Johnson
Politics Stops at Nature’s Edge: the Need for Bipartisanship in PolicymakingOralPolitical ScienceAllison Kustic
The Effects of Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence on Academic Performance in an Online Learning-Based COVID-19 Environment PosterPsychologyDouglas Lytz
The Relationship Between Parental Personality, Attachment, and Subjective Well-Being PosterPsychologyMia Nguyen
Intergenerational Trauma and Cultural Dissonance in the Face of Ongoing Social Issues: A Case Study with Vietnamese YouthPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesMia Nguyen
Presidential Rhetoric about Immigration from Ronald Reagan to Donald TrumpOralPolitical ScienceKatya Palacios
Exploring Relationships Among Race, Mothers' Perceptions of Discrimination During Perinatal Healthcare Visits, and the Prevalence of Adverse Maternal and Neonatal Health OutcomesOralNursing & Public HealthFiona So
Nursing Student’s Expectancy-Value Regarding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Knowledge RetentionPosterNursing & Public HealthRaquel Suba