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Institution: Eastern Connecticut State University

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Understanding the Impact of Partisanship on Climate Change Opinion from 1973-2016OralPolitical ScienceOlivia Anderson
The Spiritualized Pastoral: Early Romantic Natural EscapesOralMusicHannah Avena
Strategies to Support Play Behaviors of Preschoolers with Sensory Disabilities OralEducationMadison Bailey
Monitoring Length of Stay (LOS) and 30-day Readmission Rate at Hospitals: An Analysis Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)OralBusinessHannah Beazoglou
Ebb and Flow: a Collection of Eco-fiction Short Stories to Illustrate New England's Hydrological RestorationOralCreative WritingAllison Brown
Emotional Intelligence and Vocational Personality: How Does Emotional Intelligence Relate to Career Interests in College Students?OralPsychologyAshley Cubberly
Born Naked: Exploring Gender Performance Within Transgender Drag Queens in Fiction OralCreative WritingJoyce Figueroa
How Live Music Impacted Silent Film ActingOralMusicChristian Fronckowiak
Maggie's Story: Using Animal Narration EffectivelyOralHistoryAllen Horn IV
Ambisonics in Theater Sound Design: An Exploration in Spatializing Audio Through Ambisonics TechnologyPosterTheatre/DramaEmma Kellermann
The Development of the Term ‘’friend-zone’’ and its Media Influences: Is it a Harmful Concept?OralCommunicationsArely Martinez Medina
Feasible Ankle Injury Prevention Program for an NCAA Women's Soccer TeamPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyGaia Mistriel
Media Coverage on Satanism in Connecticut OralHistoryAmanda Mitchell
“Returning to ______” Emerging Artists in the Year of 2020, a Performance Installation Project OralTheatre/DramaSierra-James Reynolds Jess Bertrand -
Evolution of the Percussion Ensemble Through an Analysis of Select LiteratureOralMusicIsobel Russo
Can’t Trust the News: Mainstream News Losing Credibility Among Young PeopleOralCommunicationsJohana Vazquez
Subcellular Location of Multidrug Resistance Protein 4 (Mrp4) and AMP-activated Protein Kinase(AMPK) in Human Kidney Cells During Cellular StressOralBiologyHarley Webley