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A Semantic Network Analysis of Media Analytics Job Postings: Challenges and Opportunities for Media Analytics Curricula in Higher Education during the Pandemic. PosterCommunicationsAshleigh Afromsky
Characterizing Novel Chained-Particle Magnetic Polymers for Soft RoboticsPosterPhysics/AstronomyStratton Bacogeorge
A Meta-analysis of the Association Between Parental Psychological Control and Youth Emotion RegulationPosterPsychologyLauren Beliveau
The Responses of Minority Women in the House of Representatives to President Trump's tweetsPosterPolitical ScienceMikaela Benton
Determining the Elon University Forest Soil Seed BankOralBiologyAustin Burnett
Not Just for Dancing?: a Content Analysis of Concussion and Head Injury Videos on TikTokOralExercise Science & NutritionPeyton Carter
Prototype Vacuum Thermionic Energy Conversion DeviceOralEngineeringHenry Chance
Curated Race on Instagram: Exploring Content Strategies of Art Museums in Racial JusticeOralArt History & Visual ArtsJessica Cooper-Vastola
How does the enzyme enolase enhance the acidity at the alpha carbon of 2-phospho-D-glycerate? Contributions by resonance and inductive effectsPosterBiochemistryEva Cutler
Hospital to School: Transitions for Children with Special Healthcare NeedsPosterEducationMargaret Davis
Modeling Capillary Action Through Tube with Internal RodPosterEngineeringCarson Davis
Monitoring Changes in the Composition and Structure of Vegetation in Elon University Forest Over 10 YearsOralBiologyHannah Durkin
South Asian, College-Aged Women, and the Influence of Religion and Cultural Factors on Sexual Decision MakingOralGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesSrija Dutta
The Representation of Women in Hip-Hop Lyrics Before and During the #MeToo Movement PosterCommunicationsBriana Edwards
The Role of Infant Locomotor Experience in Planning and Problem-solving in a Whole-body Object-retrieval TaskPosterPsychologyGrace Feiner
Congressional Candidate Quality: Examining the Effects of Candidate Quality in the 2018 Congressional Freshman ClassOralPolitical ScienceMackenzie Ferguson
Analyzing Power and Ideological Bias in U.S. Textbooks: a Case Study of the Bill of Rights Institute PosterPolitical ScienceJessica Flacksenburg
Journalists' Dilemma: Newspaper Coverage During the 1978 World CupOralCommunicationsAmanda Gibson
Cuerpo Talk: Expressions of Latinx Identity through Choreography OralDanceEmily Gomez
Cambodian American Religion in Contemporary American DiasporaOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesMadison Gray
Isomorphic Polynomials: When Is a Polynomial Isomorphic to an Even Polynomial?OralMathematicsHanna Griesbach
Mission Accomplished: How Framing of Organizational Mission Statements Impacts Public OpinionOralPsychologyNicole Hawley
Optical Coherence Tomography Graphical User Interface using LabviewPosterEngineeringAlex Hebert
Quantifying Mucus Heterogeneity for Assessing Pulmonary Disease OralEngineeringAlex Hebert
Moderating Role of CSR Initiatives and Team Net Worth on Consumer Authenticity Perceptions of Professional Sports LeaguePosterBusinessKylee Hebert
Kinetic Investigations of NOx Chemistry Pertaining to the Global Nitrogen CycleOralChemistryDaniel Heintzelman
Graph Theoretical Analysis of the Default Mode Network in Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease: An fMRI ProjectPosterPsychologyCarter Jenkins
Effect of the Myeloperoxidase Enzyme on Protein Tissue Oxidation and Its Possible Implications in the Pathology of Rheumatoid Arthritis PosterBiochemistrySavannah Kile
Making and Unmaking Memory: University Student Protest in Pinochet’s ChileOralHistoryIndia Kirssin
Racism and Environmentalism: How Racial Resentment Impacts Climate ActionOralPolitical ScienceElizabeth Land
Monstrosity, Community, and Reproduction: Lacking Disabled Maternity in Contemporary Speculative FictionOralEnglish & LiteratureEmily Lange
Diffusion of Drugs Through Vaginal Epithelial TissuePosterPhysics/AstronomyJacob Lesley
The International System in the Time of Trump: An Analysis of White House Daily NewslettersOralPolitical ScienceFaith Leslie
The Rituals of Womanhood: An Autoethnographic, Cross-Cultural Study of Female Coming of Age Ceremonies in Jewish and Latinx CulturesOralAnthropology & ArcheologyMackenzie Martinez
Materiality and Sensorial Experience at the Church of OrsanmicheleOralArt History & Visual ArtsRebekah Maupin
Good food, good mood: Perspectives on the relationship between nutrition and mental health within NCAA Division I athletic programsPosterExercise Science & NutritionEmma McCabe
The Effect of Menopause and Overuse Injuries on Athletic Identity in Female Master RunnersPosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyKatelyn McCarthy
The Role of Religion in Refugees' Integration from Africa’s Great Lakes Region Resettled in Greensboro, NCOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesSJ McDonald
Access to Mental Health Care in the Montagnard Migrant Community: Examining Perspectives Across Generations in North CarolinaPosterGlobal HealthJohn McGinley
The Physical, Mental, and Creative Implications of Dance as a Form of Play: A Comparison of Collegiate Pre-professional and Recreational DancersPosterDanceSarah McNamee
Investigating the Impact of Investor Attention on Price and Volatility of Cryptocurrency and StablecoinsPosterEconomicsMatthew Mitten
Sex and Sex Acts: Frescoes and Graffiti in the Purpose-Built Brothel and the Suburban Baths of PompeiiOralArt History & Visual ArtsPhoebe Mock
Rewriting Prevention: a Rhetorical Study of Online Sexual Assault Prevention Courses on College CampusesPosterWriting & RhetoricAngela Myers
The Impact of Technology Use on Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills of Elementary School StudentsOralEconomicsMarybeth Nemecek
Job satisfaction of Employees working in Big Four Accounting Firms Vs Non-Big Four Accounting Firms OralBusinessHari Meher Nori
Factors Associated with the Perceptions of Help-Seeking and the Mental Health of Student-AthletesPosterPsychologyAmanda Ornstein
On the Development of Affordable Electrochemical Devices for Monitoring Biogeochemical Processes in Constructed WetlandsPosterEngineeringChloe RadiganMorgan Sperry, Noah Kagan
Investigating the Effect of a High Salt Environment on HER2+ Gastric Cancer Cells Through SIK3 Protein ActivationPosterBiochemistryKevin Scott
Investigation of Carbonic Acid Kinetics Under Physiological ConditionsPosterChemistryAnna Sheinberg
Stemming the School-to-Prison Pipeline: a Teacher’s Call to DutyOralEducationAshley Tatum
The Social Impact of Gacaca Courts in the Reconciliation Process in RwandaPosterPolitical ScienceMary Thibodeau
The Relationship Between Body Image and Mental Health in Undergraduate StudentsPosterExercise Science & NutritionEmily Tufford
Does Level of Caffeine Improve Physical Performance in Older Adults?PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyCaroline Tunis
Policy Effects on Teachers at Juvenile Detention CentersOralEducationChandler Vaughan
"Threaten Our Existence. Expect Our Resistance." Native American Narratives and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Crisis, 2016-2018OralPolitical ScienceAnnie Waddell
Rethinking Feminist Standpoint Theory with María LugonesOralPolitical ScienceAnna Watson
Examining Force Exertion Over a Five Time Sit-to-Stand Task in Healthy Young Adults PosterPhysical/Occupational Therapy & Speech Language PathologyAndrew WhyteSarah Henderson, Brandi Wiltshire
Chained Particle Magnetic Materials for In Situ Sterilization of Silicone Medical DevicesPosterPhysics/AstronomyAnne Williams
Communicating from the Court to the Community: A Content Analysis of NBA Teams’ Social Responsibility Twitter CommunicationsPosterCommunicationsCameron Wilson
Examining the Diversity of the #MeToo MovementPosterSociologyElisabeth Wright
Evaluation and Modeling of Porous Propellers for Improved PropulsionPosterEngineeringDaniel YameenCharles Walsh
Communicating Study Abroad Opportunities to Student-Athletes: What’s Happening at Division I Schools?PosterCommunicationsAlyssa Zee