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Institution: Emory University

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the Effect of Circadian Rhythms on Immune Behavior OralBiologyWajd Alaidrous
Noun Acquisition in 24-month old English and Mandarin Chinese Speaking InfantsOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin AuQifan Wang, Nathaniel Goldblum
Tense and Lax Stop Distinctions in Kyungsang KoreanOralLinguistics & World LanguagesJustin Au
Licensing of Negative Polarity Items in TigrinyaPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesAngela CaoMaddy Liotta
A Study of Vowel Lengthening in Modern FarsiPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesJacqueline Hubbard
Complex dynamics of two delay-coupled Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillatorsOralChemistryTiffany Hung
Prescription Pad Poetry: William Carlos Williams’ Theory of Medical HumanitiesPosterEnglish & LiteratureAudrey Ruan
Niche Breadth Changes in Response to Environmental Perturbation: the Impact of Early Snowmelt on Subalpine Plant-Pollinator SpecializationOralEcologyMicah Sharer
Influenza Vaccine Hesitancy Amidst the Covid-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthShreya Sharma
VHHA11: a Novel Diagnostic Tool for von Willebrand FactorPosterBiochemistryAlly Su
CITRUS as a Semi-Unsupervised Data Analysis Tool to Enhance Immunophenotypic Analysis Following TransplantationPosterBiologyKatherine Tong
Motivations of Student Medical Interpreters: Professional, Personal, or Altruistic?OralLinguistics & World LanguagesJulie Wechsler
Korean Heritage Language Speakers’ Attitudes Toward Koreans and Korean Americans and Heritage Language Use AnxietyPosterLinguistics & World LanguagesHye Min YoonAlly Su, Ja'Kyla Kellem