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Institution: Hamline University

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Wigs, Lipstick, and Outcry: Drag Queen Activism from 1970 to 1983 in the United StatesPosterHistoryOlivia Austin
Taking on Their Face: Studying Modernist Aesthetics Through Self-PortraitureVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsJada Bennett
Are Pyramid Schemes Fueled by Strain or Opportunity? A Place-Based Analysis of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing in the USPosterEconomicsDalton Chenoweth
A Tale of Two Hospitals: Treatment Methods of Homosexuality in Minnesota, 1920-1945OralHistoryPaige Daniels
Associations Between Past Incidents of Child Abuse and Problematic Drinking and Risky Behavior PosterPsychologyEvelyn Harrison
Exercise, Health, and Respiratory Infections, Including COVID-19PosterNursing & Public HealthKylie Huesman
Community Incarceration: Economic and Sociological Impact PosterCriminology/Criminal JusticeSadiyo JamaSoraya Dorvilier
Determining the Expression Pattern of Contactin-3 (CNTN3), a Candidate Regulator of Neural Crest and Ocular DevelopmentPosterBiologyEllie Julson
Chemogenetics orexin/hypocretin intervention ameliorates Hipp-dependant memory imparment in A53T mice model of Parkinson's diseasePosterBiologyNaol Kebede
Lithic Debitage Analysis at the Louisville Swamp SitePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyEva LarsonHannah Bergene
Effects of Personality, Emotional Intelligence, and Mood on High Stress Performance in Collegiate GymnastsPosterExercise Science & NutritionJess Marken
The Expression of ​Protocadherin​ ​8 (PCDH8)​ During Early Development in Chick EmbryosPosterBiologyMohammed Mashal
Inoculating a Campus: The Efficacy of Pyramid Scheme Education at Hamline UniversityOralEconomicsSarah McCollum
Mutations along the COVID-19 genome: Minnesota casesPosterBiologySydney Preston
Metformin (Glucophage) Biodegradation: Relevance to Water Treatment and the Human GutPosterBiochemistryAshley Robinson
Metagenomic Analysis of Maize Rhizosphere Microbiomes Treated With Urea and TriuretPosterMicrobiologyCaleb Rosenthal
Acute Beetroot Supplementation Lowers Diastolic Blood Pressure in Healthy Female Masters SwimmersPosterExercise Science & NutritionOwen Sloop
Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Exercise Training and Health of Masters AthletesPosterExercise Science & NutritionOwen Sloop
Analysis of RNA Sequencing Data from Chick Neural Crest Cells Identified Genes Linked to Primary CiliaPosterBiologyMai Yang
Profiling Genes Regulated by the Neural Crest-Essential Methyltransferase NSD3 with an Emphasis on Nervous System DevelopmentPosterBiologyKendra Yoder
Development of the Organonitrogen Biodegradation Database: A Bioinformatics Approach to Study the Microbial Degradation of Cyanoguanidine and Related CompoundsOralBiochemistryDean Young