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Institution: Idaho State University

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Single-leg Balance and Pirouette a La Second Turns in Dancers PosterDanceKobi Alcocer
Lower Limb Neuromuscular Activities of Gait in People with Traumatic Brain InjuryPosterExercise Science & NutritionColton Belnap
Fundamental Study on Desulfurization of Petroleum Using Synthesized Novel Ionic Liquids and Betaine MoietiesPosterChemistryBryson BladPeyton Kiggins
Traditional Hispanic HealthcarePosterGender, Ethnicity, & Cultural StudiesDenver Dobson
Radio Frequency Identification Vibration Detection Using Long Short-Term MemoryPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringBarrett DurtschiJanita Aamir
Running Kinematics Analysis of Collegiate Long Distance Runners with a History of Iliotibial Band SyndromePosterExercise Science & NutritionD'Artagnan Kilgore
Landing Mechanics in Collegiate Athletes with Genu RecurvatumPosterExercise Science & NutritionDani Mecham
Using Crowdsourced Observations to Study Road Mortality in Idaho’s Amphibians and ReptilesPosterBiologyJulie Meredith
Reducing the Mental Health Stigma in College Athletics: A Pilot StudyPosterHealth & Human DevelopmentZak Montoya
Controls and Sources of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Intermittent Headwater Streams OralBiologyTEJ PANDEY
Acute Effects of Boxing, Cycling, and Dancing on Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s DiseasePosterHealth & Human DevelopmentLiliana Rosales
Comparative Neutron Radiography Analysis of Siliceous Marine Sponges: Dragmacidon lunaechartaOralEcologyAmanda Smolinski