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Institution: Kean University

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Exploiting Smart Device Communication to Perform Malicious AttacksPosterComputer ScienceAspen AkunneStacy Fortes
Emotional Intelligence, Trust, Self-efficacy and Task Behavior: Longitudinal Study of Achievement Approach to Leadership EmergenceOralBusinessJustin AntonioJanell Laws
Visualizing Covid-19 and Sports: a Case Study on the NBA PosterComputer ScienceColin Dalton
Studying the trends in traffic collisions during Covid-19PosterComputer ScienceKokoutse Doh
The Effectively use of Cultural Intelligence in the American WorkplaceOralBusinessJessica FonsecaSandra Orejarena
Sentiment Towards the Covid-19 VaccinePosterComputer ScienceStacy Fortes
"Metamorphosis in "La Muñeca Menor" by Ferré, and "Dos Palabras" by Allende: Negligencia, Mistrust, and Abuse of a Patriarchal Society"OralLinguistics & World LanguagesRosa Huanchi
Access to Healthcare Resources Via a Virtual Voice AssistantPosterComputer ScienceJoan John
A Covid-19 Word Cloud Map based on Twitter PosterComputer ScienceUmaid Ali Khalid
Visualization of Sentiments for Covid-19 Mask UsagePosterComputer ScienceEric LandaverdeShivam Patel
The Impact of Motivational Book Reading on Attitude Changes: Mediating Role of Emotional IntelligencePosterPsychologyMitchell Lanzl
Reciprocal Mediating Effects of Team Cohesion and Team Performance in the Relationship with TrustPosterBusinessMitchell Lanzl
Beyond Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): the Development of a New Typology Model of Leader-Follower Relationships OralBusinessJanell LawsJustin Antonio
Luisa Valenzuela's “Si esto es la vida, yo soy caperucita roja” and “Aquí pasan cosas raras”: Abuse of Power and the Role of Women in SocietyOralLinguistics & World LanguagesMaria Lincuiz Kukla
Impact of Covid-19 by Income and PopulationPosterComputer ScienceDaniel Niedzwiedzki
Visualizing Social Distancing: a Computer Vision ApproachPosterComputer ScienceChigozie OfodikeStacy Fortes
Research on Inclusiveness in Computer Science EducationPosterComputer ScienceChigozie OfodikeAnibely Torres
A Decision Support System for Mental Healthcare WorkersPosterComputer ScienceDaniel Ojeda
Critical Success Factor Model of Virtual Internship Program under COVID-19OralBusinessJephte PhilippeMitchell Lanzl
StudyBuddy: A Voice-based Studying AssistantPosterComputer ScienceFariha PiaUmaid Ali
"El che" OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDolores Quezada
Analyzing 2020 Protest Effects Using Datasets to Visualize ChangePosterComputer ScienceAmrutha RagothamanAspen Akunne, Eric Landaverde
Macho Mentality and the Subaltern Subject in Eva Luna OralLinguistics & World LanguagesDaniela Riascos
The Story of a Beautiful and Rich Culture and Territory Victim of Imperialism Illustrated by Latin American Artists OralLinguistics & World LanguagesValerie Sanabria