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Institution: Kennesaw State University

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Comparitive Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar and Geothermal Heating and Cooling SystemsPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Evaluating the Dynamic Stiffness of the Human Lumbar RegionPosterEngineeringZavier Aguirre
Measuring stiffness of the Hamstring Using Surface WaveElastographyOralBiologyMohamad AmmarJhon Congor
Neurological Gene jus Is Associated with Aging-Related Muscle Loss in the Fly Model of SarcopeniaOralBiologySoobin AnKaveh Kiani, Melody Jabbari, Christina Talley
Spectroscopic Analysis of Multivalent CeO2(Ce+4) and Ce2O3(Ce+3 ) Nanoparticles in a Soluble Borate Glass. OralPhysics/AstronomyRebecca Anderson
English Ivy Removal and Restoration of Biodiversity in a Piedmont ForestOralEcologyCollin Anderson
Forecasting America's Domestic Airline Passenger Demand During the Coronavirus PandemicOralEngineeringGustavo Andrade
Impact of Covid-19 on the Healthcare IndustryOralHealth & Human DevelopmentJayden Ayash
Using Eye-Tracking Data to Determine What Biochemistry Students Attend to When Completing a Revised Three-Dimensional Modeling ActivityPosterBiochemistryKaylee BarbeeHailey Knoeferl
Domus Aurea: The Golden House of Nero OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
a Study of Gender and the Effects of Modern Feminism Within the Works of Artemisia Gentileschi. OralArt History & Visual ArtsSkylar Barr
Relationships Between Cell Measurements from Fine-needle AspirationsOralBiologyTaylor Behrens
More Than a Tree: The Effects of Clarinet Production on Tanzanian Economy OralMusicJessica Bell
Constructing a React Web Application for College Research Faculty and StudentsPosterComputer ScienceJay Bhatt
Thermal Transport in Uranium Dioxide-Graphene CompositeOralEngineeringMaurice BooneAliyah Lang
Who Is Next? Evaluating Factors That May Contribute to Heart FailureOralHealth & Human DevelopmentDavon Broadwater
The Handelian Short Opera Scene: A Staging Alternative for Collegiate OperaPerforming ArtsMusicVictoria Brodeur
Ocean Thermal Energy ConversionPosterEngineeringDaniel BrownWoodlee Dieudonne
Modern Erotic Art as a Tool for Female Empowerment and the Feminist Fight for EqualityOralArt History & Visual ArtsElizabeth Brumley
The Psychological and Mental Health Effects of Covid-19 on Students and FacultyOralPsychologyBriana BurnettTangela Allen, Destyni Herbert
How the Environment of Design Studio Education Has Changed at Kennesaw State University Due to COVID-19 PosterArchitecture & Interior DesignSara ClementCole Curry, Javier Molina
“Fake News”, Political Polarization, and the Undermining of News CredibilityOralPsychologyKathryn CoeNicholas Rousseau, Madelyn Dorn
Celebrity Worship and the Modern FanOralCommunicationsDorothy Corbett
Bringing Down Costs with Code: Measuring Snow Depth from Photographs Using RPosterBiologyBrandon Crasto
Food Deserts: Hungry for AnswersOralHealth & Human DevelopmentLawren Cumberbatch
Revival of the Dead Zone- Ecotourism Within the Chornobyl’s Exclusion ZonePosterArchitecture & Interior DesignAngelina Damaj
Wireless Access: A Barrier to Success?OralSociologyKara Dees
An Examination of Stress Levels and Management Among Undergraduate Music StudentsOralMusicJeavanie Desarmes
Phonon Scattering from SWCNT-Graphene Junctions under StrainOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringIan Durr
Trauma in the Media: A Thematic Analysis of Trauma Representations in The Umbrella AcademyPosterCommunicationsMacy Dykes
Disability and Performance: How Performers with Disabilities Conquer the Stigma Surrounding DisabilityOralTheatre/DramaIra Eidle
Differences in Thermal and Physiological Properties of Organically and Conventionally Grown Tomato PlantsOralAgriculture & ExtensionHannah ElliottOmar Figueroa Fonseca, Michael Blackwell
High Speed Impact on Graphene CompositesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringGiovanny Espitia
Fashion as Freedom - The Bustle and Women of the Late Victorian Era OralTheatre/DramaSydney Everett
Is Hockey Still Canada's Game PosterMathematicsJon-Paul Faix
Robust Efficient Accurate License Plate and Character Detection System Based on Simplified CNNOralComputer ScienceZekai Fei
Attitudes Towards Recreational Drug Use: A Study of Kennesaw State University StudentsPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerJack Arbuckle, Daron Pracharn, Aaron Murray, Sierra Wynn, Coby Shepherd, Katerina Joseph, Giovanni Still, Arely Cruz
Perceived Productivity and Mental Health Amongst Students During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterPsychologyMatthew FennerMarsalis Byrd, Madison Garvin, Ryan Allen
Determining the Resonant Frequency of a Mannequin PosterEngineeringOmar Figueroa FonsecaGisela Gonzalez Contreras
Magnified Thermal Solar Collector Renewable Energy AlternativeOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenIvan Rivera
Vibrational Study on Stiffness and Damping Coefficient of MannequinOralEngineeringHaylie FlattenChase Cochran
Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on American Chestnut Hybrids PosterBiologyAustin Flippo
Sterilizing Facemasks with UVC LightPosterEngineeringChristopher FochtJosh Lummus
Low Speed Wind Turbine Blade OptimizationOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringRyan Foster
Environmental Impact of Disposable Masks in Georgia During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. OralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityLATIFAT GIWARebecca Senft, Deshawn Prewitt, Jeavanie Desarmes, Meriem Elomrani
Revitalizing the Charm: Connecting Homelessness to UrbanizationPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignTyrik Grant
Fruits of Forced Desire: A Marxist Criticism of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”OralEnglish & LiteratureJames Greer
Harmonic excitation approach to determine system identification of a mannequinPosterEngineeringMarco GutierrezMarco Gutierrez, Chan Chang
What About Africa?: an Analysis of What School Curriculum Teaches U.S. Students About AfricaOralEducationAgazeet Haile
See meOralArchitecture & Interior DesignCaleb Hester
Bias in Police Shootings: Is it just an opinion? OralCriminology/Criminal JusticePhuong Ho
The Performance Practices of Liszt’s Vallèe d’ObermannOralMusicAndrew Hughes
Monitoring ADL Activities with Raspberry Pis Using WiFi Channel State InformationOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringChristopher Hunt
Validating a microbiopsy sampling technique for morphological analysis of human musclesPosterBiologyMelody Jabbari
Student Perception of COVID-19PosterPsychologyAngel JaimesEmily Pollack, Jordyn Jackson, Josiah Takang, Katy Chon, Sage Dombrowski
On the Front Lines of Fire: How do we save their lives? OralSocial Work & Human ServicesCathrine Jatta
How Do the Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Healthcare Providers Impact Quality of Care and Health Disparities?PosterNursing & Public HealthMaygui Jean
College Students and Mental Health Services OralPsychologyNaomi Katz
One Furnace to Rule Them AllVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsEmily Keenan
Delayed or Relayed Messaging: How COVID-19 Information Circulates Differently in the South OralCommunicationsCristy Kennedy
Student Anxiety About Mass ShootingsPosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyAngel Jaimes, Madison Wilcox
The Relationship Between Big Five Personality Traits and COVID-19 Guideline CompliancePosterPsychologyPatrick KiellyShannon Hayes, Christopher Woolford, Ty Nelson
Phonon Scattering in Graphene by Polymeric SubstrateOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicholas KinportsJihad Kudsy
Lumbar ResonancePosterEngineeringLukas Korn
MEDkit: Modular Emergency DeploymentPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignChristian Ladefoged
Phonon Transport Study in Graphene Composites of Oxide FuelsOralEngineeringAliyah LangMaurice Boone
Bullet-Proof : Redesigning and Redefining Schools for the Next GenerationPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignTobias Lewis
Damping of Human SpinePosterEngineeringWill LoganLukas Korn
Designing Home Solar Energy System from a Lake DockOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringColin LucasGrant Umberger
Animal Imagery in Carved Ivories from the Steckelmann CollectionOralArt History & Visual ArtsAlexis Lyons
GroupMe or GroupCheat? Student Perceptions and Reactions to Violations of Academic IntegrityPosterPsychologyAndrew ManocchioNaomi Katz
The Musical Application of Historical LiteratureOralInterdisciplinary StudiesYazmeen Mayes
Surmounting DisembodimentPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignJack McGeehan
Understanding Chitimacha Culture: An Analysis of Basketry Techniques, Designs, and BeliefsOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Archaism in Saite Dynasty Tombs of the Elite: A Form of ConservationOralArt History & Visual ArtsAbigail Mead
Breezing Towards a Sustainable Future: The Economic Costs of Transitioning to Renewable Energy SPosterEconomicsMarisol Mendez
Parody and Politics in Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 1 Performing ArtsMusicSamuel Mishkin
Empathetic SpacesOralArchitecture & Interior DesignSally Murtadhi
Situation Specific Mask-Wearing Behaviors: A Survey of College Students in GeorgiaPosterPsychologyEmma MusgroveBailey Broome, Avery Moss, Samira Bruce
Accidental Overdoses: Insights to Aid in PreventionOralHealth & Human DevelopmentAnnabel Nganga
How Implicit Bias Impacts the Health of African American Men with Multiple Chronic ConditionsPosterPsychologyRuth Nwefo
Effects of Neem Oil Against Growth and Development of Aspergillus Flavus in PeanutsOralBiologyOnachukwu Nwolisa
Reporting on the NewsroomPosterCommunicationsLauren Nye
Thermal Properties Of Clove SeedPosterEngineeringDami Olaoye
Convective and radiative heat transfer coefficient measurement by thermal imagesPosterEngineeringDami Olaoye
Source Localization of Electroencephalogram (EEG) Waves with Convolutional Neural NetworkOralElectrical & Computer EngineeringTerence Onyewuenyi
Internships and the Job Market: How Remote Work Affects College Student’s CareersOralEnglish & LiteratureFrancisco Orozco
How has mental health changed for gender and sexual minorities due to COVID-19?PosterPsychologyRoger Otway
Detecting Bacterial Species from Next Generation Sequencing Data Derived from Ancient Human Skeletal SamplesPosterBiologyAriel Owens
Black HolisticOralArchitecture & Interior DesignAzha Parker
Double HelixPerforming ArtsDanceKathryn Patrick
Urbanization and Insects: a Contrast in Trends Between Latitudinal Temperature Gradients and the Urban Heat Island Effect Across Cities in the Eastern United StatesPosterBiologyZach PeaglerCourtney Buttram
Solid state synthesis and experimental investigation of polar magnetic oxides HoFeWO6 and HoCrWO6PosterPhysics/AstronomyDuy PhamChristan Bucholz, Taofik Lawal, Connor Quick
Investigating the Proton Transfer Dynamics and Vibrational Spectrum of Hydrogen Oxalate Using Driven Molecular Dynamics SimulationsPosterChemistryDominick Pierre-JacquesOlivia Cochran, Dayana Salazar, Dalton Boutwell
Comparison of Muscle Activation in the Flexor Digitorum SuperficialisOralEngineeringJustin PillaJashalynn Maddox, Dami Olaoye
Examining Feedback Practices in the Dance ClassroomOralDanceEmily Pollack
Cognitive Decline in a Social Context: Have We Done It to Ourselves? OralPsychologyDavid Posada
Phonon Dispersion Study on Carbon Nano Tube GrapheneOralEngineeringMatheus Prates
Computational Characterization of Carotid Bifurcation Hemodynamics Under MicrogravityOralEngineeringGraham Quasebarth
Utility Value Interventions for First-Generation and Non-Traditional StudentsPosterPsychologyCrystal RainwaterEmily Simmons
Effects of covid-19 on Sustainable ArchitectureOralArchitecture & Interior DesignRiley Ransom
Vibrations and Controls Lab 8 Abstract: A C & K for gel dummyPosterEngineeringJay Rogers
Rethinking the Basic Needs of the Invisible SocietyPosterArchitecture & Interior DesignJada Ross
Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend?OralCriminology/Criminal JusticeJacob Rybak
NCUR 2021 The Stiffness, Damping, and Damping Ratio of a Mannequin using Resonance MethodPosterEngineeringWill SandersKevin Nguyen
Phonon Scattering in Molten Salt Reactor FuelOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringChristian SchneiderRobert Walz
A Configurable Data Preprocessing Framework to Improve Existing Travel Industry Time Series Prediction ModelsOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringNicolai Sison
Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Stream Macroinvertebrate Diversity over time in Georgia, USA PosterBiologyPrecious Slade
Positive and Negative Coping Mechanisms due to High-Stress of COVID-19PosterPsychologyPrecious SladeStephanie O'Kon, Uchemdi Nduka
Bacterial Community Structure and Diversity in Different Levels of Lead (Pb) Contaminated SoilsPosterBiologyJake Smith
Creating and Experiencing Art in Augmented RealityOralArt History & Visual ArtsLauren Spratt
The Rome Courier’s Crusade Against Cotton: The Use of Media in the Confederate Cotton CrisisOralHistoryCamilla Stegall
Lumbar VibrationsPosterEngineeringJosh StreitPlinio Rodriguez
Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and Retirement Readiness: A Programming Possibility?OralHealth & Human DevelopmentHavan Temesghen
Vaping Prevention: What Kids Today Need to KnowPosterSociologyTyler Terry
Characterization of Novel Bioactive Glasses Containing Different Ratios of Mixed Valence NanoceriaPosterBiochemistryBrittny Vosper
Simulations of Design and Function of Cosmic Ray Muon Detector for MuographyPosterPhysics/AstronomyMackenzi Waddell
Chasing the American Dream: Making _The Nutcracker_ a Christmas Tradition in the United StatesPosterDanceAlexandra Walsh
Exploring the Microbiome of Korean Industrial Kimchi Fermentation ProductsPosterBiologyCynney Walters
Anti-Vaxxers: Parents Fighting ScienceOralHealth & Human DevelopmentKatie West
Muscle sensor / EMG circuit PosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringJoseph WhiteIan Jones
Race and Perceptions of CrimePosterPsychologyMadison Wilcox
Student Attitudes Towards Help-SeekingPosterPsychologyMadison WilcoxApril Abrams, Brittanie Joseph
Still a Forgotten War? Investigation of College Students' Understanding of the Korean War. PosterEducationSymphony Williams
Where Are We with Education About Mental Health and Illness: a Survey ResearchOralPsychologySymphony Williams
Molecular Detection of Aspergillus flavus in Georgia peanut, variety TifguardOralBiologyCarolle Zolome