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Institution: Lubbock Christian University

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Stepping Out and Stepping In: Exploring Support Strategies for Churches Helping Foster Care FamiliesOralPhilosophy, Ethics, & Religious StudiesHeather Cannon
Nitrate Concentration Differences in Rural and Urban Locations OralChemistryCristian CortezCailie Corbin
Genotyping Fatty Acid Variants in Arachis hypogaeaPosterBiochemistryHannah Curtis
Identification and Analyzation of Endophytes Extracted From Native Texas Grasses OralPlant SciencesLuke Darter
Analysis of Complete Graph and Other Solutions to the Dollar GameOralMathematicsHosea Dodds
J.K. Rowling’s Theory of Education: a Pedagogical Approach to Harry PotterOralEducationPeyton Fortner
Optimizing a Yeast Hormone Assay for Detecting Endocrine ActivityOralBiochemistryAbbey Langford
Creativity and Madness: an Analysis of Evidence Supporting the Mad GeniusVisual Arts ExhibitArt History & Visual ArtsMadison Shields
Detection of Wastewater Derived Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Surface WaterOralBiochemistryMichal Stout