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Institution: Miami University

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Geochemical Insights into Magma Dynamics Beneath Monogenetic Volcanoes at Active Continental Margins: Constraints from Amphibole and Apatite Crystal PopulationsOralGeography/GeologyRaghad Al GboryLiannie Velazquez
The Relationship Between Fear of Missing Out and Health-Conscious Drinking in College StudentsPosterPsychologyJessica Cefalo
Evaluating Magma Ascent Rates Beneath Central Andean Monogenetic VolcanoesOralGeography/GeologyMitchell Duncan
The Effect of Sense of Belonging on Minority Student Drinking on Predominantly White CampusesPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
Applying the Integrated Model of Behavior to College Student Drinking Behavior During the COVID-19 PandemicPosterNursing & Public HealthBernadette Ebri
The Interplay of Music and Alcohol in Regulating College Students’ MoodPosterPsychologyMelissa Elias
Problematic Alcohol Consumption in College Students During a Pandemic PosterPsychologyLauren Haus
The Relationship Between Racial and Sexual Identity and Suicidal Ideation Among College Students Who Binge DrinkPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
The Relationship Between Feelings of Discrimination, Binge Drinking, and Suicidal Ideation in Minority College StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthMorgann Hendrixson
Alcohol Behaviors Relating to Environmental Factors, Drinking Games, and Comfort Among College StudentsPosterPsychologyKayla LemonsEmma Humenay
The Relationship Between Racial Identity and the Type of Alcohol Consumed Among College StudentsPosterNursing & Public HealthCharles Lynch
The Relationship Between Race and Alcohol Consumption in College Students’ Social NetworksPosterNursing & Public HealthCharles Lynch
Examining Associations Between Binge Drinking, Impulsivity, and COVID-19 Gathering Regulation AdherencePosterNursing & Public HealthEmma Missling
Trends on a College Campus: Nicotine Dependence Via Electronic Cigarettes, Drunkorexia, and How They Are RelatedPosterPsychologyEmma Missling
Risky Behaviors and Drinking Habits Among ROTC Students, Student-Athletes, and Students with Merit ScholarshipsPosterPsychologyJordin Nowak
How Has Anxiety and Depression from the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Drinking and Smoking Behaviors?PosterPsychologyEmory Perlman
Impact of COVID-19 Anxiety on Drinking Behaviors among College StudentsPosterPsychologyKatelynn Stone