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Institution: Middle Tennessee State University

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Species composition of forensically-important flies associated with human decomposition at the Anthropology Research Facility of the University of TennesseePosterAnthropology & ArcheologyOmar Aly
Effect of switch trimming on fly avoidance behaviors, udder cleanliness, and milk quality in lactating Holstein and Jersey dairy cowsOralAgriculture & ExtensionDillon Arnold
Disorder-induced Metal-insulator Transitions: a Quantum Cluster StudyPosterPhysics/AstronomyGeorge Boktor
Novel Method for the Forensic Dye Analysis by Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass SpectrometryPosterChemistryMiquellie Bonner
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Assessment of 7.5’ Digital Geologic Maps of Part of the Nashville Dome, Central TennesseePosterGeography/GeologyMeredeth Bryson
Characterization of 21 New Bacteriophages Isolated from Middle Tennessee EcosystemsOralMicrobiologyTessa Cote
Assessment of Cannabinoid Levels in Successively Cloned Generations of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa)PosterAgriculture & ExtensionShelby Cox
Blue Mars Initiative: Developing Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models to Forecast Mesoscale Martian Weather ConditionsPosterComputer ScienceJared Frazier
Evaluation of Physiological Traits Expressed in vitro and Effects on Plant Growth by Bacillus Endophytes PosterBiologyJewel Galloway
Sterol Composition of the Peridinioid Dinoflagellate Zooxanthella nutricula, a Symbiont of Polycystine Radiolarians: Implications for Symbiont-Derived Radiolarian Sterols and a Comparison to Sterols of Other DinophyceaeOralBiologyJori Graeff
Exploration of Aurone System in Mercury SensingPosterChemistryKoda Hengstenberg
Effects of Dopamine Agonist and Antagonist on Social Behavior in MiceOralPsychologyYostina Lamei
Project Title: Using Fermentation to Create Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging: Testing Antioxidant Properties of Kefiran for Use in Plastic-Free FilmsPosterBiologyJake Maisano
The endosymbiotic bacterial community of the causative agent of white-nose syndrome (Pseudogymnoascus destructans) of bats.PosterMicrobiologyKylie Moe
Determining How the PINK1:Parkin Mitophagy Pathway Responds to Transient Mitochondrial Stress and How This is Affected By Disease Associated Mutations in ParkinPosterBiologyGabriella Morin
Beliefs and Attitudes on Working with Older Adults Scale DevelopmentPosterNursing & Public HealthZachary Sanchez
Drug Prevalence in Officer-Involved Lethal Shootings of Unarmed CitizensPosterPsychologyNava Sepehri
Fluorescent Labels Based on the Aurone Scaffold: A Group ProjectPosterChemistryJillian ShererAmy Tran
Survey of Mosquito Predatory Ciliate Lambornella for Potential Biological ControlPosterBiologyNathan SmithEmerniece Cooper, Mary Parsley, Radina Porashka, Sauleen Shamdeen
Investigating Vertical Transmission of Microbial Symbionts in Marine SpongesPosterBiologyLuis Zuniga
Officer Workload and Officer-Involved Shootings of Unarmed Decedents from 2016 to 2017​PosterPsychologyDara Zwemer