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Institution: Montana State University

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Automatic Detection of Fish Using Airborne Lidar and Machine LearningPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringJoseph AistJoseph Aist, Jackson Belford, Kyle Rust
Drought and Beetle induced Monoterpene Defenses in Pinyon Pine SeedlingsOralPlant SciencesFranklin Alongi
Electron Microbursts from Dawn to Dusk: Investigating Whistler Mode Chorus as a Source of MicroburstsPosterPhysics/AstronomySilas Andrews
Algae and Virus Hunting in High pH High Alkaline EnvironmentsPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityMichael Angyus
The Marrow of Memories: Mapping the Historic Springhill CemeteryOralHistoryQuincy Balius
Photogrammetric Reconstruction of Roof Snow LoadPosterGeography/GeologyMadeline BeckRoxanne Holmex
C-Jun N-terminal Kinase Inhibitory Compound SynthesisPosterChemistryJamie Berry
Provenance and Paleodepositional Environments of the Tyler and Kibbey Formations, Big Snowy Mountains, Central MontanaPosterGeography/GeologySophie Black
Real-Time Auditory Nerve Modeling Using System-On-Chip Field-Programmable Gate ArraysPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMatthew Blunt
Montana Oral History ProjectPosterInterdisciplinary StudiesNicolena Boucher
Predicting the Spread of Covid-19 with Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceIsaac BoydKieran Ringel
X-Ray Crystal Structure of the CRISPR-Associated Protein Csx3 PosterBiochemistrySharidan Brown
A Fossilized Egg from the Middle Jurassic Tiouraren Formation of NigerPosterGeography/GeologyJenna Bures
Associations Between Self-Compassion and Mental Health: a Literature ReviewPosterPsychologyJenaya Burns
Potential Signaling Mechanisms for the SaeR/S Two-Component System in Staphylococcus aureusOralBiologyOwen Burroughs
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
Empire and Exploration in the Antarctic: A Shift from the Horizontal to the VerticalOralHistoryTravis Carioscia
Explosive Seed Dispersal of Leafy SpurgeOralPlant SciencesCaitlin Carmody
Untargeted Metabolomic Analysis of AMPKalpha1 knockout mouse knees reveals sexual dimorphism in osteoarthritis progressionPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringSoumilee Chaudhuri
Groundwater Quality and Related Health Risks in the Upper Missouri Watershed, Madison County, MontanaPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityJordyn Cook
Stories and Solidarity: A Public History ExhibitOralHistoryMorgan Craig
Exploring the Utilization of Mineralized Fibers to Improve the Toughness of CementOralEngineeringMichael Espinal
Gender Differences in Parkinson’s Disease from a Global PerspectivePosterGlobal HealthLaura Evans
Toward the Synthesis of Nano-Zeolite-Templated CarbonsPosterChemistryKaitlin Garman
Hiv/Aids and the Virgin Cleansing Myth in South AfricaPosterGlobal HealthTatjana Groenewald
Analysis of Environment and Behavior on Heart Health in UkrainePosterGlobal HealthMadysen Gromer
A Fungal-Bacterial Bioreactor: Multi-Domain Biofilm Defacement of Building MaterialsPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringGretchen Gutenberger
Determining Optical Transmittance Spectra of 3D Printing MaterialsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringShannon Hamp
Using Glycopolymers to Study the Role of Galectin-3 in Cancer Progressions for Applications in Ovarian CancerPosterBiochemistrySamantha Hansen
Establishing Hematological Biomarkers of Health for Pteropus alecto OralMicrobiologyDale HansenBrooklin Hunt
Mars Glider Swarm Design and Testing at NASA Armstrong Flight Research CenterOralEngineeringAlex Healy
Eliminating Plastic Wastes - Using Thermophiles in the Bioconversion of Pre-treated Plastic WastesPosterMicrobiologyAshlyn Hemmah
Equitable Obstacle RacePosterArchitecture & Interior DesignRebecca HenningsFarli Boden, Atticus Cummings, Henry Weaver, Eleanor Bernard, Madelyn Townsend
Immunological Response to the Influenza VaccinePosterBiologyEmiliano HernándezJulia Wellham
Using Hasse Diagrams to Compute a Gradient Vector FieldPosterComputer ScienceBenjamin Holmgren
Learning by Doing: Composing a SymphonyPosterMusicTaylor Hosek
Analyzing Balanced Reduction/Oxidation Status in Liver Cells Under Extreme Stresses with Vector-Mediated Genome-editingPosterBiologyJulia Houston
How Does the Inhibition of Aquaporin 3b Affect the Calcium Signals Transmitted in the Neural Plate of Xenopus laevis Embryos?PosterBiologyZachary Hurt
Faunal Remains from the Bergstrom Site (24JT0893): A Late Prehistoric Bison Kill in Central MontanaPosterAnthropology & ArcheologyTristan Huxtable
Using Surface Plasmon Resonance to Measure Cooperative Binding of DNAPosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringZachary Imel
Characterization of Photon Antibunching in Semiconductor NanostructuresPosterPhysics/AstronomyCory Johns
Design and Construction of a Modular SpectrometerPosterChemistryRyan JohnsonMason DeVries
Determining the Orientation of the Large Magellanic Cloud's Stellar Disk Using Gaia ParallaxesPosterPhysics/AstronomyMadison Kadrmas
Historical Loss: Implications for Health of American Indians in the Blackfeet Community PosterPsychologyTaylor Kampf
Coordination and Reductive Cleavage of S-adenosylmethionine by [4Fe-4S]-MaquettesPosterBiochemistryKatherine Kaul
New Azhdarchid Pterosaur Material from the Campanian Two Medicine Formation of Northwestern MontanaPosterGeography/GeologyLauren Keller
Naegleria fowleri against Sodium hypochloriteOralMicrobiologySelinda KieferSelinda Kiefer
Simplifying the Integer Linear Program Model in SimCCSPosterComputer ScienceAnne Kreeck
Identifying and Understanding the Function of CRISPR Leader-Repeat SequencesPosterMicrobiologyPushya Krishna
Quantifying Crystal Defect Densities in Rare-Earth-Doped Crystals by Gravimetric AnalysisPosterPhysics/AstronomyRobert Kwapisz
Fan Base Identification Through Simulation TheoryPosterCommunicationsDaniel Lurie
Eyes burn brightOralCreative WritingDaniel Lurie
Staphylococcus aureus and Human Neutrophil Interactions PosterMicrobiologySarah Mad Plume
Developing an Aptamer Against Acetaminophen to Detect Acetaminophen Toxicity at the Point of CarePosterBiological & Chemical EngineeringMatthew Magoon
Assessing pH Conditions on Urease Enzyme ActivityOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringAnna Martinson
Determining the Role of Aquaglyceroporin-3b in Convergent Extension During Xenopus GastrulationPosterBiologyZachary Mayne
Phenological Shifts in Monarch Nectar ResourcesOralBiologyNathan Morrow
Mathematical Modeling of a Disease Detection AssayPosterMathematicsShannon Murphy
Investigating Transitions of Transition Metal Doped Materials at Wavelengths Close to 1550nm for Quantum Information Applications OralPhysics/AstronomyZoe Noble
Combining Signals of Dissolved Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide to Infer Whole-stream MetabolismPosterEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAbigail Northrup
Lamar Buffalo Ranch Micro-DistrictPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringMegan Oaklief
Montana Culinary History During the Great Depression OralHistoryEmily O'Brien
Middle Cambrian Trilobites of the Horseshoe Hills, Montana: Taxonomy and TaphonomyPosterGeography/GeologyHunter Olson
Characterizing Multiple Mechanisms of Superinfection Exclusion in Pseudorabies Virus InfectionPosterBiologyJonathan Owen
Effects of Low-Tech Restoration Structures on Activity of Coleoptera in Sagebrush SteppePosterEcologyEthan Palen
Inhibition of Human Inflammatory Responses by Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)PosterMicrobiologyAlexander Parks
Analysis of Trump Administration's Approach to US Opioid EpidemicPosterGlobal HealthErin Peck
The Significance of a Name: Personal and Societal Ties to Character Names in Jane Austen’s Works OralEnglish & LiteratureSheridan Pena
Hydrogen and Methane Storage in Densified Zeolite-Templated CarbonsPosterChemistrySeth Putnam
Testing for Thermal Tolerance in Fungi from Yellowstone National ParkPosterMicrobiologyMegan Ratz
Nutritional Supplementation to Increase Fertility and Pregnancy in Montana YakPosterAgriculture & ExtensionNaomi Redfield
Chemical Ecology of Yucca Moth Mating SystemsPosterEcologyHolly Redmond
Characterization and Comparison of the Microbiome of African CarnivoresOralMicrobiologyWill Rogers
The Influence of Predation History on Bobwhite Quail Reproductive BehaviorPosterEcologyWill Rogers
Methane Interactions with Heteroatom-Doped Carbon SurfacesPosterChemistryRylan Rowsey
Autonomy in a Complex World: Insights from Complexity Theory, Friedrich Nietzsche and William ConnollyPosterPolitical ScienceJohn Schafer
Development of a Supervised Injection Site in Dayton, Ohio Based on Previous Site in Vancouver, CanadaPosterGlobal HealthSusanna Sovde
Investigation of Complete Groundwater Denitrification Utilizing an Environmentally Relevant Bacterial Co-culturePosterBiologyUve Strautmanis
Antiracist Bridge-Building: Sources and Solutions to U.S. Discomfort with Multilingualism PosterInterdisciplinary StudiesTiana Vargas
Applying Elements of the Suzuki Method to Private Music Lessons Over VideoOralMusicNaomi Vliet
Zic Genes Involved in Convergent ExtensionPosterBiologyJocelyn Waggoner
Ergosterol Levels and Antifungal Resistance in Candida albicans Grown in MicrogravityOralMicrobiologyKenna White
Effects of Thickness and Aluminum Titanate Doping on the Mechanical Properties of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell AnodesPosterMechanical & Industrial EngineeringZachary White
Impact of 12-weeks of Lentil Consumption on Visceral Adipose Tissue in Overweight and Obese Adults. PosterHealth & Human DevelopmentSofia WhitefieldsKaitlyn Weinheimer
Characterization of a Portable, Customizable, Low-cost Temperature Control System for Amplification and Quantification of Specific Nucleic Acids in Microfluidic DevicesOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringMikayla Wood
Accelerating Graph-based Geometric Data AnalysisOralMathematicsXingzi Xu
Senior Capstone Courses as Undergraduate Research GroupsOralFAN - Faculty OnlyGregory Young