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Institution: New Jersey City University

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Fostering Cultural Sensitivity and Global Awareness: How International Experiences Shape the Minds of College and Post Graduate StudentsPosterPsychologyArisha AndhaHaydee Soriano, Peri Yuksel
GeogebraOralMathematicsMaibel Botros
The Longitudinal Associations Between Depression and Future Life SatisfactionPosterPsychologyMuntaha ChaudhryMaria Zia
Exploring the Performance of Different Machine Learning and Statistical Models for Time Series Forecasting of Stock Closing Prices in the Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500PosterComputer ScienceJonathan GeffrardChristian Binoya
Molecular dynamic simulation and analysis of PEA-15 complexes with ERK2 and FADDPosterBiochemistryJoyce Ikedife
Effective Antimicrobial Activity of Hydroxamic Acids and DerivativesOralBiologyJenan Kanan
Biofilm Inhibition of Pathogenic Bacteria Using Chia Flax and Hemp Seed Oil PosterMicrobiologyJessica Menjivar
Computational Studies of Benzimidazoles PosterChemistry mirka Ortiz
Computational Investigation of Curcumin in Vacuum and Solvent Using Semi-empirical and Quantum Mechanics MethodsPosterChemistryJoel Sop Tueam
Cultural Sensitivity in Undergraduate Psychology Students: How Multicultural Infused Curriculums Impact Student Perception and EngagementPosterPsychologyHaydee SorianoArisha Andha, Peri Yuksel
Identifying Twitter Sentiment Surrounding Pregnancy During COVID-19PosterPsychologyMaria ZiaMuntaha Chaudhry