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Institution: New York University Abu Dhabi

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FavTitleTypeSubjectSubmitter NameOther Presenters
Bodies in Difference: Language, Stigma, and Disabilities in the UAEOralSociologyHafsa Ahmed
3D Printed Biomedical Devices PosterEngineeringSofia Chavele-Dastamani
The Environmental Impact of Interventional Radiology: An evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from an academic interventional radiology practiceOralEnvironmental Science & SustainabilityAnthony Luis Chua
Panel Data Analysis of Factors Influencing Tourism Arrivals and Receipts in the Middle East and North Africa Countries OralInterdisciplinary StudiesJianhan Hu
Operatic Constructions of ‘Femininity’ as Mirrors of Oppression: Sociocultural Analysis of Claudio Monteverdi’s OrfeoOralMusicKacper Madejek
Exploring Adversarial Phenomena in Deep-Learning-Based Autonomous Driving ApplicationsPosterElectrical & Computer EngineeringMunib Mesinovic
Multilayer Optical Haloscope for Dark Photon DetectionPosterPhysics/AstronomyUmang Mishra
A study of religiosity and donations: Does religion make its believers more prosocial?OralEconomicsTereza Petrovicova
Latent Factor Discovery in Markov Processes through Optimal TransportOralMathematicsNhi Pham
Expanding Opportunity in Low-Income Neighborhoods: Effect of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Neighborhood Gentrification, 1990 to 2010OralSociologyOtelo Reggy-Beane
Use of Machine Learning Models in Fund Performance PredictionOralEconomicsYongqi WangYingwei Zhao