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Institution: North Dakota State University

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Hotel Managers' Perceptions of and Attitude Toward the Application of AI Service RobotsOralBusinessKaija Dockter
Experimental Investigation of Mask Usage on Preventing PM2.5 Related Diseases in the Cardiovascular SystemPosterEngineeringBrianna FaulTravis Huff, Lillian Brown, Davis Payne, Peter Wahman
The Effects of Incubation Temperature on Metabolic Physiology in Temperature Sex Determined Reptile Species: Eublepharis maculariusOralBiologyTwyla GrossKatherine Ziebol, Harry Peterson
Exploring the Relationship Between Sleep and Body Composition in Healthy Adult Females in North DakotaPosterExercise Science & NutritionZachary Johnson
Experimental Evaluation of Scaled, Prototype, Heat Exchanger Configurations to Provide Refugia for TroutOralMechanical & Industrial EngineeringSarah LaVallie
Machine Learning to Develop Algorithms to Predict Strength Degradations Resulting from Cyclic LoadingOralCivil EngineeringTiffany Meeks
Evaluating the Shear Strength of Overconsolidated ClaysOralCivil EngineeringMohammed Mohammed
Application of Microbiology Concept Inventories to Identify Student Misconceptions and Improve Programmatic Curriculum PosterEducationMacy RennpferdMadeline Schroeder
Novel Ferroelectric Nanomaterial, K2W7O22, for Breath Acetone Detection in DiabetesOralBiological & Chemical EngineeringAnna Marie Schornack