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Institution: Oregon State University

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Semantic Analysis of Social Media Conversations on Music for the Prediction of a Song’s EmotionOralComputer ScienceAidan Beery
Looking Past the Gaze: a Reassessment of Race in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestOralEnglish & LiteratureBrandt Bridges
Musical Transposition Directly from Audio with Deep Recurrent Neural NetworksPosterComputer ScienceParker Carlson
Deep Audio TranscriptionOralComputer ScienceVictoria Ebert
Productivity Playlist: Interpolating a Musical Path Between Emotions using a KNN AlgorithmPosterComputer ScienceShaurya Gaur
the Impacts of ACEs on Student Mental HealthPosterPsychologyDarryl Ray
Designing a Smart Dog Harness for Seizure DetectionPosterComputer ScienceMarji Symonds